Shared Areas


All Shared Residence Areas

  • Personal belongings left in bathrooms, showers, halls, and dorm common areas, will be taken to the dormitory Lost and Found during room check.
  • Bicycles may be stored only in the designated area of the basement of each dorm, not in halls or rooms.
  • Hair may only be cut in the bathrooms and must be swept up and put into the trash.
  • Instruments may be practiced only in designated practice rooms on campus. Guitars may be played in basements and common areas of the dorm until dorm lock.

Damage to the Residence Hall

  • Please report any damages immediately to your residence supervisor.
  • Damages to residence halls will result in a demerit penalty.
  • Students will be charged $25 an hour for labor, plus parts for any damages payable to the Business Office.
  • Charges for any damage for which no one takes responsibility will be divided equally among the residents of the room.


  • Except for Day and Leland dorms, please prop open the shower room doors for proper ventilation.


You can now wash or dry with a credit or debit card!

  • Dirty laundry is to be kept in a container, laundry bag, or basket.
  • Students may not launder or iron the opposite gender’s clothing.
  • Ironing may only be done in laundry areas.
  • $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry.
  • If you have any problems with a laundry machine, please contact your Residence Supervisor.

Semester Storage and Summer Storage

  • All items in dorm storage should be labeled with the student’s name and address.
  • The university is not liable for the loss or damage of any items kept in the dorm or summer storage.
  • You may pay a fee to use summer storage.
  • Items left in summer storage must be in plastic storage containers up to 20 gallons. [SL 06/21] Cardboard boxes are not permitted.
  • Nothing may be left in basement dorm storage during summer vacation. All items stored for the summer must be moved to the summer storage area.
  • All summer storage items left uncared for at the beginning of the fall semester will be disposed of at Maranatha’s discretion.
  • Any items left uncared for at the end of the school year will be disposed of at Maranatha’s discretion.