Athletics and Intramurals


Maranatha firmly believes that intercollegiate athletics should promote the character development of participants, enhance the integrity of higher education, provide the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and promote service and civility in our local churches and society as a whole.

Requesting the Addition of a Sport

All incoming and current students of Maranatha may request the addition of a sports program or club team. While Maranatha encourages requests for new athletic opportunities, it may not always be feasible to add a new sport. Any student desiring to add a sport or club team must submit a written proposal to the Athletic Committee. The Athletic Committee will make its determination based on the criteria set forth in its Procedures for Adding or Dropping a Sports Program.  If the proposal is approved by the Athletic Committee, the recommendation will be passed on to the Executive Council for final approval.

Students desiring to add a sport are encouraged to contact the school’s Title IX Coordinator.  The Title IX Coordinator will guide the student in the student’s preparation of a proposal for the Athletic Committee. When making a proposal the student should consider issues such as:

  • Student interest
  • Levels of ability
  • Ability to sustain a sport
  • Reasonable expectation of competition
  • Effect on gender equity
  • Effect on conference memberships
  • Financial considerations
  • Scheduling
  • Compatibility with institutional Strategic Plan
  • All other necessary considerations.


Maranatha’s intramural competitions are organized by the Office of Student Activities. Students can participate in intramural sports such as dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, women’s flag football, and others. The intramural program changes a bit each year. Intramural proposals can be submitted to the Office of Student Activities for consideration.

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