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MyMaranatha Announcements

MyMaranatha Announcements is the official announcement venue for Maranatha. This means that you are responsible to know the information communicated in it, and you can be penalized for missing an event or information communicated in MyMaranatha Announcements.

You can view MyMaranatha Announcements from after logging on or you can subscribe to the announcement emails by clicking on “View More Posts” at the bottom and then¬†“Subscribe” at the bottom of the full announcement page.

You may submit announcements for posting by going to and click on the Submit Announcement button.


Classified ads for the Maranatha family are posted on You can find, sell your own stuff, purchase goods and services, find apartment openings, and find a ride. The Classified ads are available for viewing by anyone. You may submit classified ads for posting by going to and click the Submit Announcement button.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are located in public places on campus and in each dorm. Approval to post on bulletin boards must be obtained in the Student Life Office.

Political Flyers for Elected Officials

Flyers, signs, and posters advertising candidates to an elected office may not be posted on campus.

Post Office Mail Boxes

Check your mailbox daily for announcements. Also, see Post Office hours.

Secret Recordings

Students may not record audio or video of private conversations with any faculty, staff, or administrator without the consent of all persons recorded. Such recordings will be considered a breach of confidentiality and an act of insubordination and dealt with as a Life and Testimony infraction. This policy does not apply to the routine recording of class lectures for educational purposes if allowed by the instructor.

Also see Computers/Internet for issues relating to electronic communication.