Need a Job? ~ Student Employment

General Employment Guidelines

  • Dress for work must conform to university standards. Any exceptions must receive approval from a Dean.
  • Acceptable ride situations for work must be approved before a student makes a commitment to an employer.
  • Women students may not travel alone, out-of-town, late at night for employment without explicit permission.
  • Women may walk to and from work only during daylight hours.
  • Violations regarding employment may result in disciplinary action and the possible loss of employment.
  • Students should give at least a two-week notice to employers prior to terminating a job.
  • Students are not to socialize with other students while working.
  • MBU student employees are not to use offices as study locations.
  • Dating is not allowed while on the job.

Employment Scheduling

  • Students may miss Sunday morning, Sunday evening, or mid-week services for work but must be in attendance at two of those three services a week.
  • When work necessitates absence from special meetings, permission must be secured from the Student Life Office prior to the event.

Unapproved Employment Situations

  • Students may only work with food preparation, in kitchens, or in the delivery service of any restaurant that serves alcohol such as Pizza Hut or Hi-Way Harry’s.
  • Students should not accept employment situations that would require them to travel to work with a member of the opposite sex without a third person.
  • Students may not work in video outlets.

Also see the On-Campus Residence policy for working and living off-campus