Off Campus Policy


Who’s Eligible to Live Off-Campus?

(Also see Residence Life Policy)

You must

  • Submit an Off-Campus application. 
  • Be 23 or older before September 1 (for fall semester) or January 15 (for spring semester).
    • If you are younger than 23, please see the Housing Arrangement section below on Living with a relative.
  • Have not committed to serving as dorm leadership.
  • Have a good deportment record, including the following:
    • Have not accumulated more than 75 demerits in the previous semester. Accumulation of 100 or more demerits during the semester while living off-campus will result in the student being moved back on campus immediately.
    • Have a minimum semester GPA of 2.0.
      • Students living with a relative may be exempt from the 75 demerit and 2.0 GPA requirements.
      • Students who have been approved to live off-campus may be allowed one semester to improve their semester GPA to 2.0 before being required to move back to campus.
  • Student Teachers must fill out the Off-Campus application for their housing assignment to be approved.

If you meet these basic requirements, you must sign and submit the off-campus housing form and then receive approval from the Student Life Office. Requests for permission should be submitted before commitments are made.

Note: Once you are approved to live off-campus, each semester you must request from the Student Life Office to continue to live off-campus before you can register for classes.

Acceptable Housing Arrangements

Living with a relative

  • Parent.
  • Grandparent.
  • Aunt and/or uncle.
  • Married sibling (with parental permission).
  • Unmarried sibling. There are important stipulations for living with a sibling. Please see the complete sibling policy.

Note: Students living with a relative may be exempt from the age, 75 demerits, and 2.0 GPA requirements.

Living with a non-relative (you are 23 years +)

You may live only in the home or apartment where that person or family are members of a partnering church.

  • The residents of the house or apartment that are opposite of your gender may not be high school or college-aged.

What Policies Must I Follow as an Off-Campus Student?

Off-campus single students are responsible to abide by the published and announced policies and standards of Maranatha (including the following areas: Church, Movies, and Music). Breaking any of Maranatha’s policies or encouraging campus students to break them will result in disciplinary action.


  • Students must contact the Student Health Center by 9 a.m. each day missed (920-206-2384 or
  • Off-Campus students taking cuts/personal days notify the Student Life Office by 9 a.m. at 920-206-2332.
    • For personal days – you must miss all of your classes to be excused from chapel.
  • Off-Campus students have all the same attendance requirements for class and required functions as on-campus students.


  • Students are expected to attend all services at a partnering church.
  • Only one service (Sunday a.m. or p.m., or Wednesday p.m.) may be missed for scheduled employment.

Dating/Visitors/Parties ~ see the Pass Chart for Off-Campus Students

  • Dorm students must have Dorm Supervisor approval to stay overnight in homes of off-campus students who do not live with their parents, faculty, or staff.
  • Mixed groups must have EPasses, and you must be present if mixed groups are in your home.
  • Couples may not be alone in a home or apartment.
  • See the off-campus dating section for information about dating passes and mixed groups.
  • Students living off-campus may spend the night in a dorm only if the National Weather Service has issued a travel advisory for hazardous road conditions.



  • Students are not permitted to attend movie theaters or to view/show R or X-rated movies (including television movies).


  • All music that students listen to must be compatible with the music standards of Maranatha. Students are expected to refrain from rock, rap, Country-western, and contemporary Christian music.


  • The older sibling is expected to ensure that a younger sibling abides by Maranatha’s expectations and guidelines.
  • If either sibling violates these expectations or experiences academic difficulty, permission to live off-campus will be rescinded.

Check the following Web pages for Exceptions to Policy or Procedure for Off-Campus Students:

While you are responsible for every policy in the SLH, the following sections have some exceptions for off-campus students. Not all exceptions apply to all off-campus students.

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Off-Campus Housing Application