Who’s Eligible to Live Off Campus?

(Also see Residence Life Policy)

You must

  • Submit an Off-Campus application by the deadline. Applicants that submit an application after the deadline must pay a $25 fine before the application is approved [SL 6/09].
  • Be 23 or older before September 1 (for fall semester) or January 15 (for spring semester) [SL 5/13].
    • If you are younger than 23, please see the Housing Arrangement section below on Living with a relative.
  • Have not committed to serve as dorm leadership.
  • Have a good deportment record, including the following:
    • Have not accumulated more than 75 demerits in the previous semester. Accumulation of 100 or more demerits during the semester while living off campus will result in the student being moved back on campus immediately.
    • Have a minimum semester GPA of 2.0.
      • Students living with a relative may be exempt from the 75 demerit and 2.0 GPA requirements.
      • Students who have been approved to live off-campus may be allowed one semester to improve their semester GPA to 2.0 before being required to move back to campus.
  • Student Teachers must fill out the Off Campus application for their housing assignment to be approved.

If you meet these basic requirements, you must sign and submit the off campus housing form and then receive approval from the Student Life Office. Requests for permission should be submitted before commitments are made.

Note: Once you are approved to live off-campus, each semester you must request from the Student Life Office to continue to live off campus before you can register for classes [SL 10/13].

Acceptable Housing Arrangements

Living with a relative

  • Parent.
  • Grandparent.
  • Aunt and/or uncle.
  • Married sibling (with parental permission).
  • Unmarried sibling. There are important stipulations for living with a sibling. Please see the complete sibling policy.

Note: Students living with a relative may be exempt from the age, 75 demerit and 2.0 GPA requirements.

Living with a non-relative (you are 23 years +)

You may live only in the home or apartment where that person or family are members of a partnering church.

  • The residents of the house or apartment that are opposite of your gender may not be high school or college aged.

What Policies Must I Follow as an Off Campus Student?

Off-campus single students are responsible to abide by the published and announced policies and standards of Maranatha (including the following areas: Church, Movies, and Music). Breaking any of Maranatha policies or encouraging campus students to break them will result in disciplinary action.


  • Students must call the Student Health Center by 9 a.m. each day missed – 920-206-2384
  • Students taking cuts/personal days must fill out an Absence Request (for Chapel) online or notify the Student Life Office by 9 a.m. – 920-206-2332.
    • For personal days – you must miss all of your classes to be excused from chapel.
  • Off Campus students have all the same attendance requirements for class, and required functions as on campus students.


  • Students are expected to attend all services at a partnering church.
  • Only one service (Sunday a.m. or p.m., or Wednesday p.m.) may be missed for scheduled employment.

Dating/Visitors/Parties ~ see the Pass Chart for Off Campus Students

  • Dorm students must have Dorm Supervisor approval to stay overnight in homes of off campus students who do not live with their parents, faculty or staff.
  • Mixed groups must have invitations and EPasses, and you must be present if mixed groups are in your home.
  • Couples may not be alone in a home or apartment.
  • See off campus dating section for information about dating passes and mixed groups.
  • Students living off campus may spend the night in a dorm only if the National Weather Service has issued a travel advisory for hazardous road conditions.



  • Students are not permitted to attend movie theaters, or to view/show R or X rated movies (including television movies).


  • All music that students listen to must be compatible to the music standards of Maranatha. Students are expected to refrain from rock, rap, Country-western, and contemporary Christian music.


  • The older sibling is expected to ensure that a younger sibling abides by Maranatha’s expectations and guidelines.
  • If either sibling violates these expectations or experiences academic difficulty, permission to live off campus will be rescinded.

Check the Following Web pages for Exceptions to Policy or Procedure for Off-Campus Students:

While you are responsible for every policy in the SLH, the following sections have some exceptions for off-campus students. Not all exceptions apply to all off-campus students.

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Off Campus Housing Application