Discipline System

Discipline Committee

Students may request to meet with the Discipline Committee (DC) or the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, or Dean of Students with questions regarding any infractions. The Discipline Committee may also call for a meeting with a student.

The Discipline Committee is composed of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, the student’s Residence Hall Supervisor, and a student body officer. The Discipline Committee meets to determine corrective actions.

Report of Results of Disciplinary Proceedings for Victims of Violence

Alleged victims of crimes of violence or non-forcible sex offenses may receive a report of the results of the campus disciplinary proceedings of the alleged perpetrator(s) upon written request to the Student Life Office.


Any decision of the Discipline Committee that results in disciplinary action may be appealed to the Executive Council by the student.

  • The student must notify the Student Life Office within 24 hours if they intend to appeal.
  • The written appeal must be submitted to the Student Life Office within two business days.
  • The appeal must prove that the Discipline Committee’s decision was not based on facts, failed to consider relevant information, or was contrary to standard policy and procedure.
  • The decisions of the Executive Committee are final.