The Bible is clear in regards to lust-if anyone even looks at someone to lust, they have already committed adultery in their heart (Matt. 5:27). The Student Life Office realizes that lust can be a life-dominating sin and welcomes and encourages students that wish to overcome this sin to approach the Deans or their Dorm Supervisor for counseling and accountability.

All media (pictures, writing, internet sites, etc.) depicting erotic behavior or intended to cause sexual excitement are forbidden. Students who view media that is pornographic or sexually inappropriate in the content will face disciplinary action.

What to do if you accidentally view an inappropriate internet site:

Maranatha’s internet logs are reviewed for content that is pornographic and inappropriate. The administration realizes that our internet filters are not always able to keep up with the proliferation of online pornography. If you accidentally stumble upon a website that contains pornographic or sexually inappropriate content, please contact your dorm supervisor or the Student Life Office immediately to report the accident. To block the inappropriate site please contact with some details about the site.