When a student is dismissed, suspended, or chooses to withdraw, it is the sincere desire of Maranatha Baptist University that reconciliation and future restoration to student status be accomplished. Reapplying does not insure acceptance to return as a student. The Admissions Committee has the option to deny admission.

The former student must submit the following to the Admissions Office before being considered for reapplication:

A positive written recommendation from their current pastor must be received indicating
  • a spirit of true repentance.
  • faithful attendance at my church services (Sunday school, morning/evening service and mid-week service).
  • their involvement in biblical counseling, if it was required.
A letter requesting readmission to the University, which includes
  • an explanation of why they were dismissed.
  • what has changed in their life.
  • why Maranatha should consider readmitting them as a student

The online admissions application for Former Students

Upon receipt of the pastor’s recommendation, the letter, and the Former Student Application, the Admissions Committee will review their file and make a determination regarding their eligibility to reapply for admission to the University. They may be required to come to campus for an interview with the Admissions Committee or other college personnel. These interviews would take place within four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • The Admissions Committee may place specific restrictions or stipulations on a readmitted student.
  • The former student is notified by the Student Life Office of the Admissions Committee’s decision before the student may be allowed to complete the admissions process.
  • An appeal regarding the decision of the Admissions Committee may be submitted in writing to the Executive Council only after the above procedures have been completed.

Once the former student has received a favorable response from the Admissions committee, the remaining steps for the “former Maranatha student” must be completed.