Phones/Video Conferencing

Cell Phones and Telephones

Cell phones are to be turned off or ringers disabled during the following times:
  • Classes
  • Chapel
  • Special meetings
  • Church services
  • Required functions
  • Penalties for failing to silence the phone may result in disciplinary action or confiscation of the phone.
  • Cell phone ringers and sounds must meet Maranatha’s music guidelines.
  • You may not use faculty/staff or office phones.
  • You should not call faculty or staff members at home unless you’ve been given specific permission.

Video Conferencing (Skype, Face Time, etc.) [SL 6/09]

  • Video conferencing is permitted in the public areas of campus (not in class).
  • To video conference in the dorm, you must do so in an assigned area.

Also see theĀ Internet and Electronic Communication policy.