Outdoor Activities

  • Rollerblading and skateboarding on campus are permitted on the drives and in the parking lots. Due to pedestrian traffic, skateboarding, riding scooters, and rollerblading are not permitted on the sidewalks. Skateboards, scooters (Razors), etc.,  are not permitted in the main campus buildings.


Any student body groups desiring to have a bonfire need to complete a request form at least three days in advance of the event. The forms are available in the Office of Student Activities, the Student Life Office, the Facilities Management office, or can be sent electronically for printing out [EC 10/08, FM 10/11].
  • There is a $25 fee for each bonfire.
  • Facilities Management personnel will build, light, sustain and extinguish the fire.
  • Facilities Management is not responsible for overseeing the event that surrounds the bonfire.
  • Trash cans and up to two tables will be provided at the bonfire site to accommodate refreshments if requested.


  • Deer processing should not be done on campus.
  • Also see Weapons.


  • You may only visit parks during daylight hours – see the Pass Chart.
  • Playing tennis after dark at lighted tennis courts is permitted.


  • Women may not run off campus alone at night.


EPasses for swimming must be approved by a Dean – see the Pass Chart
(Women – also see Swimwear).

Off-Campus Fitness Centers

  • You are to be dressed modestly when working out (Casual Dress Men, Women).
  • You should not be alone with the opposite gender.

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