When do I need a Pass?

Passes for Athletic Tournaments

For Everyone

  • You should follow the pass chart┬áto know when you need an EPass, and when you would need an invitation.
  • On-campus students are prohibited from spending time with a suspended or dismissed student unless special permission has been obtained from the Deans.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the Student Life Office when your EPass has been approved.
  • Incorrectly submitted EPasses will result in disciplinary action.
  • If the information on an EPass changes, either before or after leaving, students must contact a Dean or a Dorm Supervisor for approval.
  • One EPass should be completed for the group. Everyone’s name who is participating in the event must appear on the EPass–including older students, off-campus, and married students.
  • The Student Life Office is willing to help you with pass questions. It is your responsibility to provide correct and complete pass information.

Students on Disciplinary Probation

You are allowed one EPass per week. Approval for these EPasses may be secured only from the Student Life Office.

  • You may not attend away sporting events.

Older Students and Off-Campus Students

  • If you are part of a group requiring an EPass, your name must appear in the EPass.
  • Older students need an EPass to visit in a home of a non-student/faculty/staff person.

Off-Campus Students in Mixed Groups

Please check the Pass Chart.

Note: EPasses are required for off-campus students that are hosting mixed groups in their homes.

Also see: Exception for students outside the continental United States