Maranatha encourages all students to register and vote.
  • Students who are at least 18 years old and have lived in Wisconsin for 10 days are eligible to register and vote in Wisconsin.
  • Students can register any weekday prior to an election and can also register on Election Day.
  • In order to register, you must have your MBU Photo ID card and a¬†current student account statement¬†which you can print from My Maranatha at any time.
  • Because registering and voting in more than one place is illegal, students must decide if they want to register and vote locally or in their hometowns via absentee ballot. Whatever the form of voting, students should be sure to exercise this special right and responsibility.

Register and vote at Watertown Municipal Building, 106 Jones Street, Watertown, WI

Reminders for the Polls

  1. Respect the silence; poll workers need to hear the names and addresses of each voter and voters need to hear instructions.
    • No cell phone conversations.
    • Nothing plugged into the ear.
  2. Pay attention to signs – voters must wait in line and not go directly to the voting booth.
  3. Register early at City Hall (Bring your Student ID). You can register on voting day, but it’ll take longer.
  4. Off-campus students should register with their off-campus address where they reside (meaning where you sleep).