Student Ministries

Minstry Recruitment Day TM 09Maranatha’s students mobilize for ministry every semester through local churches, ministry teams, and individual initiative. Societies also provide a vehicle for community service, outreach, and volunteer work. The Global Encounters program sends students around the world to spread the gospel every summer. Maranatha students also know they are a witness wherever they go–school, their workplace, or handing out tracts on a street corner. The University provides its students many opportunities for leadership, ministry, and winning others to Christ.

Local Churches

Maranatha has no “campus church.” Students are required to attend a local church, and Maranatha students actively minister in more than 70 churches in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Students have the opportunity to be involved in their local churches through worship and service. Each semester, students choose the local church they wish to attend and are encouraged to commit to ministering there for the duration of the semester. Many students chose to remain at the same church for their entire college career. Maranatha students also enjoy being “adopted” by various families in their local churches.

Community Outreach

Many students are active in community service projects in the Watertown area. Recent student-led initiatives have included a city-wide teen rally, cookout for city police and firemen, free youth basketball clinics and tournaments, a community carnival at an elementary school, and becoming “lunch buddies” through Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Outreach isn’t limited to Watertown. Some students volunteer as tutors at Milwaukee Rescue Mission and at an area women’s shelter. Some students spend Friday nights distributing Christian literature and sharing the Gospel with others at Madison’s busy State Street shopping and restaurant district. Groups of students have established Bible studies at UW-Milwaukee and sang Christmas carols at UW-Madison residence halls.


Maranatha views chapel as an integral part of the educational process and requires students to attend chapel sessions on Monday through Friday. Students enjoy learning from Bible faculty and special speakers in chapel, which usually meets from 9:15 to 10:00 a.m. Society, student body, department, and workshop chapels also provide a nice change to the normal chapel schedule.

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