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Students Say Thanks to Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff often say that Maranatha’s students are one of the reasons the university is such a great place. The students, however, are reversing this thought with a hats-off to the university faculty and staff, showing them that their leadership and service has shaped Maranatha and impacted individual students’ lives.

Each month this school year, the Student Body Council has created a theme to encourage students to serve various groups on campus. During the month of March, the theme of “Prof-It” inspired students to share their appreciation for faculty and staff. Students met during weekly SPARQ meetings (“Servanthood Principles Applied Really Quickly”) to pray for faculty and staff, and the Council ordered special pens to give to the faculty and staff. Outside of the meetings, students initiated personal notes of thanks, gift cards, and purchases of favorite candy to place in faculty and staff offices.

Although the Student Body Council came up with the “Prof-It” theme, president Riley Woodfin shared, “When we took a survey of our SPARQ group at the end of the fall semester, they confirmed that this was something the students wanted to do as well. We decided to use this theme in the spring semester in order to save one of our strongest themes for the second half.”

Students from every level of Spanish classes grouped together to send Spanish professors Dr. and Mrs. Morales on a date to their favorite restaurant. They also wrote notes to share why they were thankful for the Moraleses. “One student gave Dr. Morales a connector for the Mac for class and brought muffins he had made to class,” shared Pam Morales. “What encouraged us the most were the notes of how we have impacted their lives. We feel it is our privilege to serve our students.”

To end the month’s theme, the Student Body Council invited faculty and staff to a student-led chapel where, together, everyone could praise God for the great things He has done. The chapel hour was spent singing and reading passages that highlighted Christ’s sacrifice, Christ’s provision, and Christ’s service. Video interviews of MBU alumni serving in Pennsylvania, Uganda, and Ukraine reminded students that life is ministry and acts of service to God and others should be incorporated daily during and after one’s college years.

For the thousands of college students who have been impacted by faculty and staff members’ service and sacrifices, we say “thank you!”

Article submitted by Grace Peters