Violin Master Class

The string rep class participants were recently graced with the instruction of Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra associate concertmaster Ilana Setapen. During the ninety minute master class, Setapen worked specifically with three students while “demonstrating and verbally articulating sound musical and pedagogical principles,” says MBU orchestra director Mr. Lewis Rosove. “The results she achieved were palpable and immediate.”

Sophomore Justine Ostrander was given the opportunity to play one of her pieces for Setapen. “Playing my piece for Ilana Setapen was a wonderful opportunity!” writes Ostrander. “She pointed out two characteristics of my technique that needed to be refined. Once she started working on those aspects with me, it made a major difference in my playing.”

Junior Elisabeth Hettinga also performed for Setapen. She remarks, “Getting to play for Ilana Setapen was a great experience. She is a fabulous violinist and was able to help my playing in many ways in just a short amount of time. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to play for her!”

Each of the students in the class came away with a greater appreciation for the art of string playing, and were encouraged to work on and refine their craft.

On October 24 at 6:15, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s second violin player, Mr. Timothy Klabunde will be presenting a master class. All are invited to attend.

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