Ministry Courtesy

As a student you are constantly representing Christ and Maranatha! For this reason we remind you of the following procedures and guidelines.

Church Ministry Participation

Before committing to a ministry, count the cost!

  • Be faithful.
  • If you will be absent for any reason, please contact the Pastor or your direct supervisor.
  • Always arrive early!

Attitude in Ministry

While in ministry, always put others and their needs before yourself.

  • Always maintain an attitude of humility, cooperation and service.
  • Look for ways to serve others.
  • Respect the authority of the Pastor. Be supportive of the ministry of the church.
  • Always be above reproach in your conduct and conversation.
  • Church related concerns should be discussed with the pastor. Unresolved problems should be discussed with the Dean of Students.

Music and Speech in Ministry

All vocal and instrumental numbers (including piano and organ), readings, dramatizations and song leading must conform to Maranatha’s standards and guidelines.