Communicable or Infectious Disease

Any student with a suspected or known communicable or infectious disease is to be seen by the Director of Student Health Services. The student may be required to see a medical provider before returning to dorm life, classes, or athletic participation. The student will be expected to follow the protocol that is ordered by the provider.

The medical provider is to provide the following information

  • Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Activity restrictions, including athletic or PE Physical Education/Fitness/recreational participation.
  • Any restrictions concerning returning to dorm life or classes.
  • Any follow-up appointments needed.

The University will consider the special needs of students with a communicable disease. The Director of Student Health Services will notify other faculty, staff, and other students as deemed necessary, to prevent spreading the infection to others.

In the course of University activities, students should treat students and staff who have a communicable disease as they would treat any student or staff.


Information regarding Student-athletes who have a communicable disease will be communicated to the Athletic Office by the Director of Student Health Services as deemed necessary. Should the athletic department have a concern regarding any conflict between the provider’s recommendations and NCAA or other written rules or guidelines, this concern should be communicated to the Director of Student Health Services. If deemed appropriate, the Student Health Director will contact the provider to resolve any conflict. If the NCAA or other written guidelines are more restrictive than those given by the provider, the more restrictive guidelines will be followed.