Administration of the demerit system is designed to help students and the University recognize potential problems and correct them before they become serious. The University has established several checkpoints (called levels of consequences) based on a student’s accumulation of demerits each semester.

    • Maranatha reserves the right to make adjustments to the published penalties based upon individual circumstances.
    • Maranatha reserves the right to implement appropriate disciplinary action when it discovers any major infractions, whether the infractions took place during the school year or during a vacation.
    • Students will be notified of infractions electronically – primarily through email.
    • After receipt of demerit or consequence notification, students will have 5 business days to schedule a meeting with a dean to contest the student’s demerit report.
    • Students who are guilty of major infractions of university standards are not eligible for public recognition or special awards for academic or athletic achievement.
Accumulation of demerits may result in the forfeiture of institutional scholarships. Please see the Financial Aid office.

Infractions and Demerit Penalties

Absence, unintentional (Special meeting, chapel, church) 10
Absence, intentional (Special meeting, chapel, and church.) 25
Appliances, unapproved in dorm room 25
Computer games, uncheckable 25. 2nd offense = 50 + confiscation
Courtesy Hour violation, noise/wrong room 5
Dating infraction 10-Suspension
Disobedience/insubordination-disrespect in attitude or action 15-Suspension
Dress infraction 10-25+
Dress infraction, tattoo after enrolled or tattoo uncovered, body piercing after enrolled, or jewelry not removed 50
Entertainment violation -viewing unapproved movies/DVDs or Blu-ray, TV shows, videos, etc. 25. 2nd offense = 50 + confiscation of equipment or media
Emergency equipment, tampering w/ fire alarms, extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. 50-Suspension; pay expenses
Emergency exit use for non-emergencies 50-Suspension
Employment, violation of Maranatha policies 10
Fighting 10-Suspension
Fireworks/Open flame 15-Suspension
Guns/weapons not checked w/Dorm sup/Student Life Office 25, confiscation and storage fees
Hair/grooming infraction 5-20
Horseplay, practical jokes 15-Suspension
Improper procedure 5-10
Ironing in dorm room 25
Late entry after dorm lock 5 each 15 minutes
Library, books removed w/o checkout 25-75
Misconduct in class, chapel, church, etc. (i.e. sleeping, talking, texting, etc.) 10-25
Music Concert, unapproved[SL 6/21] 25-Suspension
Music Infraction 15-25
Off-limits areas/wrong side of campus 15-25
EPass violation (failure to submit or not approved) 10-25
Testimony issues 50-Dismissal
Property/equipment -abuse, misuse, tampering, or unauthorized use (theft) 10-Suspension; pay damages
Technology, bypassing or attempting to bypass the network filter Warning. 2nd offense = 25
Technology, sharing/using passwords 25-50
Technology, video conferencing violation (unapproved area, etc.) 15
Withdrawal from school w/o notification Suspension

Unpaid fines will result in withheld exam slips and graduates may not be allowed to walk during graduation ceremonies.