Maranatha is committed to honoring God and training Christian leaders for ministry (Ephesians 4:12). Appearance is a very recognizable part of one’s testimony, and believers are admonished in 1Timothy 4:12 to be examples in every area of life. Maranatha’s dress code is guided by the principles of modesty, appropriateness, gender distinction, and preparation for leadership in the ministry/workforce. Students should remember that they represent Christ and their clothing choices should not bring undue attention to themselves. The University asks that its students support its application of biblical principles with the understanding that some aspects of the dress code reflect institutional policy. Institutional policies are intended to maintain standards that are above reproach and that are easy to understand and enforce.

Dress regulations apply to:

  • On-campus students
  • Off-campus students
  • Children and spouses of married students
  • Former students when they visit campus
  • Online-only students when visiting campus

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