Pass Chart

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The following chart tells you when you need an EPass.

If you cannot find what you are planning to do on this chart, please see the Student Life Office or your Dorm Supervisor.

Also see Local Church Attendance for church pass guidelines and the Permanent Church Selection.

The following situations always require an EPass.  

  • Returning after dorm lock 
  • Traveling as a couple  
  • Traveling over an hour away (unless going to your own home; see details below)
  • Missing a required activity (e.g., chapel)
  • Going to a pool 
  • Going to a church that is not your partnering church (or home church with your family) 
  • Visiting or staying overnight in a hotel (without your parents) 

Students may walk, run, bicycle, and be in parks (adhere to posted closing times) around Watertown with the following stipulations: 

  • Ladies should be in a group of two or more if after dark and let their dorm supervisor know.  
  • A couple may not be alone in a park after dark.  
I am alone or in a non-mixed group…  EPass? 
going to regular employment off-campus  Use work sign-out sheet in dorm 
staying overnight  

  • with your parents or family (include home or hotel) 
  • at a student’s residence (with parents present)  
Dorm Sup’s permission required 
staying overnight in the home of a non-student  Yes 
Babysitting in a residence  Yes (use work sign-out sheet following approval) 
We are a couple and are. 

(Couples may not be alone in a car or room) 

driving separately to a public place within an hour from campus  No EPass needed 
visiting (not overnight) in any home or apartment   No EPass needed  
staying overnight in the same home  Yes (parental permission required 
I am in or meeting a mixed group of 3 or more students…  EPass 
visiting (not overnight) in any home or apartment   No EPass needed 
staying overnight in the same home.   Yes (parental permission required 
I am an off-campus student and…  EPass 
(We are expected under all circumstances to abide by university standards of dress and deportment.) 
can host same-gender groups until dorm lock.  No EPass needed 
can host same-gender groups overnight.  Dorm Sup’s permission required 
If I am dating another off-campus student and neither of us live with our parents then we may not be alone in a home, apartment, or car without parental or faculty/staff supervision.   

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