Dr. Larry Oats

Dr. Larry OatsPhD, Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois
ThM, Maranatha Baptist Graduate School
MDiv, Maranatha Baptist Graduate School
MA, Maranatha Baptist Graduate School
BA, Maranatha

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About Dr. Oats

Dr. Larry R. Oats is a long-time faculty member at Maranatha. Oats graduated with a BA from Maranatha in 1970. He earned three master’s degrees from Maranatha Baptist Graduate School of Theology, and, in 1998, completed his PhD in Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Dr. Oats has held a variety of administrative offices at the College, including Interim President (2006-2007), Professor of Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology in the College and Graduate School, Chairman of the Department of Bible and Church Ministries, and Dean of the Graduate School. He has experience as an assistant pastor, Christian school teacher, and principal. He is a frequent speaker in churches, conferences, and seminars. He was the director of the Moscow Baptist School of Theology in Moscow, Russia, until the Russian authorities closed the school.

He met his wife, Colleen (O’Neil), while they were students at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. They came to Maranatha for its first year and were married in 1969. Colleen graduated in Maranatha’s first graduating class, Larry in its second. They have four children. Nate is married; he and Crystal have two children, Lexie and Jocelyn. Nate teaches math and coaches basketball in Romulus, Michigan, and Crystal is a nurse. Andy is married; he and Lisa have one child, Alanson. Andy teaches and coaches in a Christian school in Highpoint, North Carolina. Betsy is married; she and Kipp Malmanger have five children: Drew, Kate, Ella, and twin daughters Lindsay and Lucy. Kipp serves at Camp Chetek, a Baptist camp in northern Wisconsin. Katie is married to Eddie Washetas, and they live in Watertown. Katie works at Watertown Memorial Hospital, and Eddie teaches third grade.  They have a son, Landon.

Dr. Oats enjoys reading, photography, and travel. He also enjoys the opportunities to preach in various churches and meet new people, opportunities which teaching at Maranatha provides. He is available for pulpit supply, seminars and conferences.


Presentation Topics at Bible conferences, seminars, and churches

Baptist Heritage Series

The Children of the Martyrs ­— a look at the early Anabaptists
Baptists and the American Experiment — an examination of the role Baptists played in the founding of America
Modern Baptist Beginnings — the importance of early British Baptists in the development of the modern Baptist movement and Baptist missions
Roger Williams — the role of America’s first Baptist
Henry Dunster — Baptist president of Harvard
Baptist Missions — the role of Baptists in the English and American missions movement
The Baptist Distinctives — what makes Baptists different from everyone else?

Fundamentalism and New Evangelicalism

There Is a Difference — Theological Differences between Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism
The Distinctive Ecclesiologies of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism
Trends in Hermeneutics in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Evangelicals and Catholics Together — the Evangelical Ecumenical Movement

Theology and Bible Conferences

All general areas of systematic theology
Prophecy and Why it is Important
Minor Prophets and their Messages
Dispensationalists and the Old Testament
Dispensationalism and Ecclesiastical Separation
The Water That Divides – a Baptist view of baptism
The Christian and the Mosaic Law
The Emerging Church
Postmodernism and Its Effect on Fundamentalism
A History of the English Bibles and how we got our Bibles today
Light on the King James Version debate
The Fundamentals – a theological discussion of the first major publication of the fundamentalist movement
Why I am a Separatist

Problems in the Church: A series on the problems discussed by Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians and their relevance to today

Issues in Current Ethics:  A discussion of abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, capital punishment and other ethical issues facing the believer today

Presentation Topics at Education Conferences

Biblical Stewardship for Everyone: The Bible has much to say about our material wealth.  One stewardship session focuses on Biblical priorities for our money.  A second emphasizes how to keep the Lord in our estate planning.  A third is centered on debt, its dangers, and how to live debt free.

The Challenge of Christian Education: Christian education faces numerous problems today: the need for excellence, the challenge of integrating faith and learning, the problem of parsimony, and the development of a Christian student culture. These issues are addressed and possible solutions are offered.

Ecclesiastical Separation: Its Impact on the Christian School: Fundamentalists believe in ecclesiastical separation. Differences in the doctrines of salvation and the church and differing methods of Bible interpretation divide fundamentalism and evangelicalism. How does your church and school respond to these issues?

Let’s Not Sell our Heritage for the Sake of Relevance: With so much discussion of and belief in the necessity of “being relevant,” there is a danger that we sell our rich Fundamentalist and Baptist heritage for the sake of this relevance. This workshop looks at various historic attempts of Fundamentalism to be “relevant” and makes an appeal for the maintenance of our heritage.

Liberty and Legalism: Is There a Balance?: The discussion over liberty and legalism is all too often lopsided. Too much emphasis on one side or the other creates serious problems for ourselves and those to whom we minister. This workshop attempts to develop a Biblical position which is neither libertarian nor legalistic, but which will also help our people establish their own convictions and beliefs.

Saved, Saved, Saved: Many of our students are making salvation decisions numerous times. Sometimes these students have not been genuinely saved. Other times they are responding to poor theology and poor preaching. This workshop will help instruct our students practically and theologically concerning the security of the believer and the assurance of salvation.

Really Teaching Bible in the Bible Class: Can your students get through your Bible class without their Bibles? Is Bible class just another Sunday sermon? Do your students learn the textbook without learning the Bible? Here are some helpful instructions on how to teach your students to study the Bible for themselves.

Biblical and Contemporary Bible Classes: Making the truths of Scripture relevant to today’s society can be a difficult task. This workshop gives you guidelines for inculcating Biblical principles into everyday living, especially into the lives of your students, without allegorizing the text. Suggestions on establishing convictions and standards are also discussed.

Discipline in the Christian School: A Biblical Perspective: Discussions of discipline all too often center around the need to do something to stop negative behaviors. The true meaning of discipline, however, is positive – it really means making disciples. This workshop deals with the biblical basis of discipline and gives some practical helps.

Children of the Martyrs: An Introduction to our Baptist Heritage: Our church people and Christian school students frequently do not understand from where the Baptists came. This workshop is an introduction to those who held Baptistic beliefs prior to the Reformation.

Born in Adversity: The Beginnings of the Modern Baptist Movement: The modern-day Baptist movement began in adversity. Persecution in Europe, England and America helped form its character and direction. Out of this persecution came the leaders of a world-wide missionary movement.

Baptists in America: Foundations of Liberty: Baptists were the foremost advocates of religious and civil liberty in colonial America. Without the impetus of the Baptists in America and their impact on early American statesmen, the United States would not enjoy the civil and religious liberty we have today.