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No one should have to figure out all the education policy textbook facility safety registration finance details on their own.

That’s why we want to be transparent with you. As you interact with the MBU community, this guide will help you understand the information you need to know.



Privacy of Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

We value your privacy, and we want to be transparent about how we use your information. The FERPA Notification Information outlines how we protect your privacy.

Drug and Substance Abuse

MBU has established a Drug and Substance Abuse Policy in order to fulfill its mission and provide a healthy and productive environment for education.

Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guide gives instructions for dealing with emergencies at MBU.


If you believe you have a reason to file a complaint, MBU has established procedures for addressing these complaints in a fair and equitable manner.

Campus Security

The Campus Security Report describes MBU’s current security policies and procedures. The report also provides access to a log of campus crime and statistics.


MBU seeks to provide a healthy educational environment for all students. The Vaccination Policy outlines the immunizations that are required for all new students and gives details on accessing vaccination waivers.

Computers and Internet

The Computers and Internet Policy details MBU’s commitment to safe and appropriate access to technology and online media.

Student Finances

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Policies clarify how you can get the most help toward your school bill.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator provides an overview of the financial aid you may qualify to recieve and an estimate of your annual cost to attend MBU.

Veterans Benefits

  • Veterans Benefits  – Maranatha is approved for the training of students entitled to benefits under Public Laws 89-358 and 634, Social Security, and Rehabilitation Benefits. Students who are entitled to benefits under these laws should apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs for authorization. Recipients should contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as they enroll in classes.
  • Federal Tuition Assistant (TA) provides financial assistance for active duty and reserve members enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses offered on-campus or by distance learning. Service members need to apply for TA directly with their branch of service.
  • Wisconsin National Guard – A partial tuition reimbursement is currently offered for active members of the Wisconsin National Guard. Guard members may also be eligible for other Veterans Benefits.

Price of Attendance

Maranatha is committed to keeping costs low in order to serve the widest range of students possible.


The Refund Policy outlines situations in which on-campus or online students withdraw from the university.

Student Opportunities

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

MBU provides accommodations for any student who has a diagnosed disability.


MBU does not engage in unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, age, physical disability, ancestry, or national origin. The diversity report reveals the five-year averages of MBU students by gender, race/ethnicity, and financial aid.

Student Activities

All year long, MBU hosts special events for students, including athletics, dramatic productions, student recitals, speaking series, and fine arts performances.


MBU encourages all students to register and participate in government by voting. Students can register online or in person at the Watertown Municiple Building.


Academic information


For more than 25 years, MBU has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, 312-263-0456). 

Transferring Credits

The Transfer of Credit Policy outlines the basis on which MBU will accept credits from other universities, colleges, or institutes.

Professional Licensure Disclosures

MBU offers several programs that lead to licensure or certification.


MBU is made up of instructors who are qualified in their fields, with experience and education to best teach their subjects.

Purchasing Textbooks

Unless presented otherwise, textbooks for every class can be found at MBU’s Online Bookstore.

Student Outcomes


Retention Rate

5-yr fall-to-fall for first time freshmen


Transfer-out Rate

5-yr average


Graduation Rate

5-yr average of undergraduates completing within 6 years


Graduate School

Approximately how many graduates have enrolled in graduate school


NCLEX Pass Rate

5-yr nursing graduate NCLEX pass rate (national average is 74.5%)


Praxis Pass Rate

5-year education graduate pass rate (WI average is 76%)


Graduates work in their field

Approximately how many graduates have worked in the field for which they studied.


CPA Exam Pass Rate

5-yr accounting CPA exam pass rate (national average is 49.4%)

Last updated 9/19/2023


I want parents and students to know we will stay true to our foundationto the fundamentals of the faith that are as important to them as they are to us. We will always emphasize the local church. Those are non-negotiables. There aren’t going to be sudden shifts in what we believe or how we apply those beliefs. We’re going to stay the course that has been laid out for us over the last 50 years.

—Dr. Marty Marriott, Chancellor

Mission Statement

MBU’s Mission Statement reflects the desire to glorify God by training the next generation of leaders.

Core Values

The Core Values list the biblical principles that temper and shape MBU’s mission, objectives, and philosophy.

Institutional Outcomes

MBU is committed to training students to reason objectively, apply Scripture carefully, relate to society appropriately, communicate effectively, and serve intentionally.

Statement of Faith

The Statement of Faith clarifies where MBU stands theologically and declares its commitment to biblical truth.


MBU’s leadership is made up of the Executive Office, Board of Trustees, Board of Resource, and various on-campus leadership teams.


MBU was founded on the truth of God’s Word and an adherence to Baptist distinctives that sets it apart from other institutions.