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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online


If you are interested in recruiting at MBU, please fill out the Recruiter Request Form. 

All recruiter reservations must be made via the recruitment request form. For more information, you’ll want to peruse our frequently asked questions. For any additional information, please contact Cherie Graham in the Executive Office at 920.206.2310.

Guest Suites Request: The Guest Relations team handles all room requests. Please email  Karrie Flegal or call 920.206.2370 to check availability.

Upcoming Recruiters

Victory Academy for Boys | Mark Massey | Apr 18-19

Bibles International | Dr. Troy Manning & Jim Wright | Apr 23-24

Past Recruiters

U.S. Army | Juan Loera | September 11-13

The Wilds | Matt Taylor | September 12-13

Ironwood | Craig Lawson | September 14-15

Shalom Ministries | Ben Coronado | September 18-19

Camp Manitoumi | Eric Lloyd | September 18-19

U.S. Coast Guard | Anthony Stewart | September 20

Victory Academy for Boys | Mark Massey | September 20-21

First Baptist Church/Valley Christian Academy | Kelly Mikkelson | September 25-26

Academy of Excellence | Rachel Brownell | September 26

Faith Baptist Christian School | Pastor Chip Herbert | October 2

Watertown YMCA | Anthony Torres | October 2

Bay City Christian School | Amy Hager | October 3-4

The Edge Christian Camp | Carey Charles | October 3-4

Baptist World Mission | Dr. David Canedy | October 4-5

Wisconsin Army National Guard | Jennifer Splittgerber | October 5

Hope Christian School of Hanover | Dr. Allen Harris | October 5-6

Camp Joy | Michael Innocenti | October 9-10

Inter-City Baptist School | Jim & Jean Hubbard | October 9-10

Longview Camp | Jon Bladine | October 11

Anchorage Christian Camp | Thad Berrey | October 12-13

Harvest Ministries | Ken Keith | October 12-13

Baptist Mid-Missions | Mark Pitts | October 17-19

Camp Eden | Scott Schulman | October 18

Neighborhood Bible Time | Larry Koontz | October 19-20

Heritage Christian School | Tim England | October 19-20

Community Baptist Christian School | Pam Culbreth | October 23

Camp CHOF | Trent Dibell | October 24-25

Southland Christian Ministries | Mike Herbster | October 24-25

Camp Chetek | Randy Tanis | October 26-27

MTT Ministries | Robert Landis | October 26-27

Trail Ridge Camp | Aaron Schneider | October 30-31

Forest Glen Bible Camp | Dr. Jeff Reason | November 1-2

Lebanon Christian Academy | Jeffrey Bateman | November 2-3

Camp Utibaca | Sam Miller | November 6

Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Wisconsin | Kristin Kaczmarek | November 6-7

Fishers Baptist Church & Christian Academy | Rev. Todd Falk | November 6-7

Wisconsin Army National Guard | Jennifer Splittgerber | November 8

Wyldewood Christian School | Jared Longsine | November 14

Trinity Baptist School | Natalie Cary | November 29-30

Camp Fairwood | Jeremiah Doak | December 6

Calvary Baptist Church, West Branch | Josh Pierce | Dec 7-8

Air Force ROTC | Capt. Kaitlynn Williams | Jan 17

Cascade Vista Baptist School | Emily Haynes | Jan 25

First Baptist Church of Hulett, WY | Pastor James Palus | Jan 25

Baptist Mid-Missions | Travis Gravley | January 26

South Charlotte Baptist Academy | Pastor Joseph Campbell | Feb 2

Baptist World Mission | Dr. David Canedy | Feb 6-7

MGM International | Dr. Dan Wokaty | Feb 7-9

Camp CHOF | Trent & Tristyn Dibell | Feb 8-9

Trail Ridge Camp | Bethany Schneider | Feb 12

First Baptist Church of Goodrich | Pastor Ben Gonzales | Feb 12-13

Camp Joy | Michael Innocenti | Feb 13-14

U.S. Army | Juan Loera | Feb 15-16

Answers in Genesis | Mitchell Gamble | Feb 16

Harvest Ministries | Pastor Gary Walton | Feb 19

Foundations Baptist Fellowship International | Chaplin Joe Willis | Feb 19-20

Colonial Christian School | Andrew Fry & Josh Knoedler | Feb 20-21

LEAD Wisconsin | Sierra Cochran | Feb 22

Camp CoBeAc | Aaron Wilson & Max Barker | Feb 22-23

Bethany Christian School | Jamin Beachell | Feb 26-27

Wisconsin Army National Guard | Jennifer Splittgerber | Feb 27

Bass Lake Camp | Darrell Friar | Feb 27-28

Wolf Mountain | Janelle Gwin | Feb 29-Mar 1

Camp Chetek | Randy Tanis & Matthew Sheppard | Mar 4-5

Regent Law | Jeremy Harlow | Mar 4

Calvary Baptist Academy | Dr. David Warren | Mar 11

Cathedral Baptist School | Pastor David McDaniel & Benjamin Ratze | Mar 11

Wisconsin Army National Guard | Jennifer Splittgerber | Mar 27

Suburban Christian School | Bradley Ellis | Apr 8

Wisconsin Army National Guard | Jennifer Splittgerber | Apr 10

Juniata Christian School | Pastor Del Terpenning | Apr 12

On campus recruiters are generally given a display table in the lobby of the Dining Complex. If you are shipping materials to Maranatha, please indicate this to us on your request form, so we can have the material by your table when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recruit on campus or advertise my job opportunity to graduates?
  • Fill out the request form. If your organization has never recruited on Maranatha’s campus before, you will need to supply your ministry philosophy or mission statement when you fill out the form.
  • Post your announcement on Maranatha’s Career Services online for students, alumni, and men seeking ministry positions.
When can I recruit on campus?
  • Maranatha welcomes recruiters to campus throughout the academic year, instead of hosting a ministry recruitment week, in order to continually keep ministry opportunities in front of the students.
  • It is our privilege to assist like-minded ministries in promoting their staffing needs to our students! We believe that hands-on ministry involvement helps equip young people to serve the Lord in local churches and the world in the years to come to the praise of His glory!
  • Limiting the number of recruiters on campus to two ministries at a time also gives recruiters exclusive access to students and helps to eliminate a “competition” feel. 
What if I would like to invite students to a recruitment party?
  • If you desire to host a party you may indicate that on your reservation form. 
  • A classroom in the Dining Complex will be reserved for you. 
  • Please note that the most effective recruitment parties involve students who have already worked for your ministry and who will invite other students to hear about the opportunity.
How is my announcement communicated to students?
  • An alert about your campus visit is placed on MyMaranatha (the homepage of the university intranet) at the beginning of the week of your arrival.
  • Recruiters will be verbally recognized in chapel on regular chapel days.
  • If you wish to gain a wider audience, post your announcement on Maranatha’s Career Services online.
What should my announcement look like?
  • On the request form, you may submit a brief description of why you are recruiting, including pertinent details to heighten the interest of potential student contacts.
  • This information will be used to create a PPT annoucement for recruiters coming on normal chapel days.

We appreciate your interest in our young people and look forward to helping you convey your ministry needs.  For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us in the President’s Office.

President’s Office
745 West Main Street
Watertown,WI – 53094