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September 3rd, 2024








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Dana Davis – Assistant VP of Online and Distance Learning

Heidi Goodwill – Undergraduate Advisor

Melissa Madsen – Undergraduate Advisor

Sarah Arbogast – High School Advisor

Dana Davis – Assistant VP of Online and Distance Learning

Heidi Goodwill – Undergraduate Advisor

Sarah Arbogast – High School Advisor

Melissa Madsen – Undergraduate Advisor

Dana Davis – Assistant VP of Online and Distance Learning

Heidi Goodwill – Undergraduate Advisor

Melissa Madsen – Undergraduate Advisor

Sarah Arbogast – High School Advisor


I’m a high school junior or senior and am interested in taking college courses now and saving money on college tuition.


I’ve earned some college credits and want to finish a degree online.
I’m a current college student and want to take some of my coursework online.


I want to better my life by pursuing a master’s degree in business, education, or ministry.


I want to focus on a specific discipline—math, English, history, or special education—to open doors to future opportunities, including teaching on the college level.
I want to explore qualification as a facilitator of MBU’s Advance to College program at a Christian high school.


I want to join live college classes from where I live and work.


I want to take online college courses close to home—at one of MBU’s satellite locations.


I’m interested in taking college courses for personal growth or challenge.


I’m interested in preparing for future ministry and service opportunities.


“I truly appreciated the undergraduate and graduate education that MBU provided. MBU prepared me for the roles in which I now serve. The ministry opportunities, Bible faculty, and academic rigor provided me with opportunities to see that hard work and determination coupled with the Lord’s help are mainstays of the Christian life.”

Daniel & Katrina Bonner (’05 & ’19)

The MAT program allowed me to stay up-to-date with current educational practices while pursuing state licensure. A master’s degree better equips me to be an effective tool in God’s hands; with my degree I can better serve my students. I am better prepared to meet my students where they are and give them what they need to succeed.

—Jessica Brown, Master of Arts in Teaching, 2021

“At MBU, I developed a love for teaching. It was confirmed while attending MBU that teaching was my specific calling.”, says Sharon. She is also self-employed The Reading Factory, “helping children fall in love with all things literacy and books.”

—Sharon McCoy, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, 2017

Darla teaches 3rd and 4th grade, and completing her MEd gave her more confidence to succeed in the classroom.

—Darla Karsies, Master of Education in Teaching & Learning, 2020

“MBU’s educational program challenged me to grow in my teaching and leadership capacity. The material has been something I have not only used personally in the classroom, but I have also been able to challenge my teachers with some of the things I have learned. […] The Technology for Teaching and Learning class taught me much. Thankfully, I had already completed it when COVID shutdowns took place last year. By God’s grace, we were able to quickly figure a way to navigate the new waters of online learning”

—Melanie Weasner, Master of Arts in Teaching, 2021 

“The Bible training that I received at MBU was greatly useful in helping to prepare sermons, studies through specific books of the Bible and studies through specific topics that help in confidence in my current doctrinal positions. I appreciated the teaching styles of the various teachers as each shared their heart for the things of God.”

—Matt Cook, B.S. Bible, A.A. Christian Ministry

“I am confident the leadership development I received during my time in the MOL has played a pivotal role in leading our Christian school during these unique times. I first decided to enroll in the MOL program because I wanted to further challenge myself in my leadership development. Because I was already established in ministry and in my family, I knew it had to be a fully online program and it had to be affordable.”

—Mark Lenentine, MOL, 2020


“Because I received my master’s in education from MBU, I feel more equipped to teach education classes at the Bible school my husband and I will be serving at in the Philippines. My husband David and I are preparing to move overseas for ministry in the Philippines. We have a heart for bringing the Gospel to the most unreached peoples of the world, and God has called our family to teach at a Bible school whose mission is to raise up indigenous missionaries to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. We will be using our God-given gift of teaching to train indigenous missionaries at a Bible school.”

— Elizabeth Haken, Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning & Grad Certificate in Mathematics, 2019


“The high-quality education I received from MBU prepared me for graduate school. During my undergrad at MBU I was an online student living in Arizona. MBU’s program prepared me to pursue career opportunities while being a full-time MBA student, as well as teaching me how to manage my time, pursue my goals, and plan for the future.”

—Clayton Caupp (’19, BS Business) 

Transitioning to virtual learning was seamless for 2019 MEd grad, Christina Willis. As part of the Master of Education coursework, graduate students learn valuable skills in incorporating new technology in the classroom as well as effective classroom management. She’s currently teaching Middle and High school Spanish in Clarksville, Tennessee, and serving in her local church.


“I am thankful to the Lord, MBU, and the faculty for helping me pursue my heart’s desire,” Renee shared. “Know what you want to do, ask the Lord for clear guidance, and then go for it.”

—Renee Patton

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