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MASTER OF Education in Teaching & Learning


Our Master of Education (MEd) program helps professionals translate the science of learning into practical methods of instruction. The foundational vision of the MEd is to equip educators with graduate-level tools and the theory needed to promote excellence. Our program emphasizes teaching to the heart and building Christian character.

Join us online! Learn new ideas and innovations from fellow scholars and experienced co-laborers, and enjoy access to leaders in the field of education. Reignite your enthusiasm for learning and teaching, and prepare yourself and your students for future opportunities.

Your degree. On your schedule.

Degree Benefits

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing makes the program feasible and affordable. The Teaching and Leading Scholarship is available for those employed in full-time Christian vocational ministry who wish to pursue a graduate degree program. The scholarship covers up to 50 percent of the cost of tuition, reducing tuition costs to $220 per credit. Read more about the scholarship.


Regionally Accredited

Maranatha Baptist University and the graduate programs are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Your degree on your schedule.

You can complete our 32-credit program in 12 months or take one class a session and finish in 2 years. The flexible format meets the demands of your life and schedule. See our Graduate Catalog.


  • MBU 500 – Graduate Success in Online Learning
  • EDUC 510 – History and Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC 515 – Research Design in Education
  • EDUC 520 – Student Learning and Motivation
  • EDUC 530 – Curriculum Theory and Practice
  • EDUC 535 – Instructional Improvement through Assessment
  • EDUC 545 – Exceptionality in Student Learning
  • EDUC 600 – Action Research
  • Electives – 4 Elective Courses (12 credits)


You can choose a concentration or mix and match electives to meet your own professional development goals.

General Track
  • EDUC 525 – Classroom Management & Positive Behavior Management
  • EDUC 540 – Biblical Perspectives in Human Relations and Counseling
  • EDUC 550 – Leadership and Change in Education
  • EDUC 555 – Technology for Teaching and Learning
English Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • HUEN 510 American Romanticism
  • HUEN 520 C.S. Lewis
  • HUEN 530 Literary Theory & Criticism
  • HUEN 540 Advanced Grammar & Composition
  • HUEN 550 Emily Dickinson & Robert Frost
  • HUEN 560 British & American Short Fiction
  • HUEN 570 British & American Metaphysical Poetry
History Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • Historiography
  • Early America: From Colonies to a Country, 1763-1797
  • The Birthright of the Reformation
  • The Cataclysm of the Union: The American Civil War Era
  • World War Two Military History
  • Cold War America
  • American Involvement in the Middle East
Special Education Concentration

All courses have a prerequisite of EDUC 236 or EDUC 545 or equivalent undergraduate course.

Choose 4 Courses

  • EDSP 510 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies for Exceptional Students
  • EDUC 525 – Classroom Management & Positive Behavior Practices
  • EDSP 530 – Reading Diagnosis & Assessment
  • EDSP 540 – Educational Diagnosis & Assessment
  • EDSP 550 – Collaboration, Communication, & Transition
  • EDSP 560 – Methods in Cross-Categorical Education
  • EDSP 590 – Practicum for Cross-Categorical Education
Educational Administration Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • MOL 510 Theories and Models of Leadership (3)
  • MOL 540 Strategic Human Resource Management (3)
  • EDEA 560 School Law, Governance, and Finance (3)
  • EDEA 570 Supervision, Development, and Instructional Leadership (3)
Leadership Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • MOL 505 – Theological & Historical Foundations of Organizational Leadership
  • MOL 510 – Theories & Models of Leadership
  • MOL 515 – Organizational Leadership Behavior
  • MOL 520 – Organizational Communication
  • MOL 530 – Strategic Leadership & Organizational Change
  • MOL 550 – Budgetary & Financial Management
  • EDUC 550 – Leadership & Change in Education
Mathematics Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • History of Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Higher Algebra & Number Theory
  • Coding Theory and Cryptography
  • Foundations of Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Introduction to Topology
Biblical Counseling Concentration

Methods of Biblical Change

Counseling Problems & Procedures

Choose 6 credits from the following

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Counseling Addictive Behavior

Maranatha’s Graduate Assistant program provides compensation to help graduate students complete a master’s degree. 

Learn more about our Teaching and Leading Scholarship available to graduate students employed in full-time vocational ministry.

Explore our Graduate Catalog for further information on the MEd and our other graduate programs.



Use this GRADUATE COURSE SCHEDULE to choose an upcoming graduate course.

Highlighted Faculty

Dr. William Licht

Dr. William Licht

Educational Research | Program Director, Professor 
EdD in Curriculum & Instruction, Liberty University
MA in History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MS in Educational Administration, Bob Jones University
BS in Social Studies Education, Bob Jones University

Dr. Christine Lincoln

Dr. Christine Lincoln

Assessment, Elementary Education | Professor
EdD in Curriculum & Instruction, Bob Jones University
MEd in Elementary Education, Bob Jones University
BS in Elementary Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Dr. Lane Hansel

Dr. Lane Hansel

Educational Leadership | Professor
EdD in Educational Leadership, Bob Jones University
MS in Microbiology, Clemson University
MS in Counseling, Bob Jones University
BS in Biology, Bob Jones University

Dr. Jodi Herbert

Dr. Jodi Herbert

Mathematics | Associate Professor
PhD in Mathematics, Kansas State University
MS Mathematics, Kansas State University
BS Mathematics, Maranatha Baptist University

Alumni Spotlight

Elizabeth Haken
Elizabeth Haken, MEd candidate, found herself searching for a program that was biblically centered and financially feasible. She explains, “I had waffled so long between getting a master’s in education or a master’s in mathematics. However, Maranatha offers an MEd with a math concentration —a perfect blend! The MEd in math, the biblical foundation, the academic advisors, and the scholarship for teachers all combined to make MBU a wonderful fit for me—an absolute gift from the Lord!”


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