Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

Our Master of Education program helps professionals translate the science of learning into practical methods of instruction. Designed to equip educators with graduate-level tools and the theory needed to promote excellence, our program emphasizes teaching to the heart and building Christian character.

Join us online! Learn new ideas and innovations from fellow scholars and experienced co-laborers, and enjoy access to leaders in the field of education. Reignite your enthusiasm for learning and teaching, and prepare yourself and your students for future opportunities.

Degree Objectives

The foundational vision of the Master of Education in Teaching and Learning degree is to prepare discerning educational professionals who are able to understand and utilize research and knowledge in the field of education to improve their effectiveness by optimizing the learning environment for all students.


Take advantage of our choice of Concentrations within the MEd Program. Students can choose the concentration or mix and match electives to meet their own professional development goals.

Your degree. On your schedule.

Complete our 32-credit program in 12 months, or take one class a session and finish in 2 years. Earn our Master of Education degree online in a flexible format that meets the demands of your life and schedule. See our Graduate Catalog 2017-18.

Required Courses

  • MBU 500 - Graduate Success in Online Learning
  • EDUC 510 - History and Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC 515 - Research Design in Education
  • EDUC 520 - Student Learning and Motivation
  • EDUC 530 - Curriculum Theory and Practice
  • EDUC 535 - Instructional Improvement through Assessment
  • EDUC 545 - Exceptionality in Student Learning
  • EDUC 600 - Action Research


Traditional Track

  • EDUC 540 - Biblical Perspectives in Human Relations and Counseling
  • EDUC 550 - Leadership and Change in Education
  • EDUC 555 - Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 560 - Perspectives on Character Education

Leadership Concentration

Choose 4 Courses

  • MOL 505 - Theological & Historical Foundations of Organizational Leadership
  • MOL 510 - Theories & Models of Leadership
  • MOL 515 - Organizational Leadership Behavior
  • MOL 520 - Organizational Communication
  • MOL 530 - Strategic Leadership & Organizational Change
  • MOL 550 - Budgetary & Financial Management
  • EDUC 550 - Leadership & Change in Education

Special Education Concentration

All courses have a prerequisite of EDUC 236 or EDUC 545 or equivalent undergraduate course.

Choose 4 Courses

  • EDSP 510 - Inclusive Classroom Strategies for Exceptional Students
  • EDUC 525 - Classroom Management & Positive Behavior Practices
  • EDSP 530 - Reading Diagnosis & Assessment
  • EDSP 540 - Educational Diagnosis & Assessment
  • EDSP 550 - Collaboration, Communication, & Transition
  • EDSP 560 - Methods in Cross-Categorical Education
  • EDSP 590 - Practicum for Cross-Categorical Education

Degree Benefits

  • Offered completely online
  • Finish in two years
  • Thirty-two credits
  • Regionally-accredited degree
  • Start at your convenience

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing makes the program feasible and affordable. A new scholarship—the Teaching & Leading Scholarship—is available for those employed in full-time vocational ministry who wish to pursue the MEd or MOL. The scholarship covers 60 percent of the cost of tuition, reducing tuition costs to $184.00 per credit hour. Read more about the scholarship.

Regionally Accredited

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the largest regional accreditation association in the United States.

Maranatha Baptist University itself is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) under the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), an accreditation pathway based upon the principles of continuous quality improvement. The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning was crafted to include classes commonly required for teacher licensure in many states.

Graduate Assistant

Maranatha offers a Graduate Assistant program for a limited number of graduate students. The Graduate Assistant Program has been designed to provide compensation to enable a graduate student to complete a master’s degree. You can find more details HERE.

Completely Online

Our Master of Education program provides manageable options that are available to you wherever you live and work. As an online graduate student, you have access to exemplary leaders in the field of education and the opportunity to network with educators from around the world. The online environment provides for universal participation and mutual exchange while allowing flexibility for life schedules, employment obligations, and ministry commitments. Students work their way through the online program one course at a time with no residential requirements. The full course of study is designed to be completed in two years, but includes the flexibility of taking breaks and finishing within five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Faculty

2017 - 2018 Course Sequence

CourseSpring A 2018Spring B 2018Sum A 2018Sum B 2018Fall A 2018Fall B 2018
Jan 16-
March 10
March 13-
May 5
May 8-
June 30
July 3-
Aug 25
EDUC 510 History & Philosophy of EducationXXX
EDUC 515 Research Design in EducationXX
EDUC 520 Student Learning & MotivationXX
EDUC 525 Classroom Management & Positive Behavior Practices (SPED)X
EDUC 530 Curriculum Theory & PracticeXXX
EDUC 535 Instructional Improvement Through AssessmentXX
EDUC 540 Biblical Counseling & Human RelationsXX
EDUC 545 Exceptionality in Student LearningXX
EDUC 550 Leadership & Change in EducationXX
EDUC 555 Technology in EducationXX
EDUC 560 Perspectives in Character EducationXX
EDUC 600 Action Research As needed As neededAs neededAs neededAs neededAs needed
Special Education Courses
EDSP 525 Classroom Management & Positive Behavior PracticesX
EDSP 530 Reading Diagnosis & AssessmentX
EDSP 540 Educational Diagnosis & AssessmentX
EDSP 550 Collaboration, Communication, & TransitionX
EDSP 560 Methods in Cross-Categorical EducationX
EDSP 590 Practicum for Cross Categorical Education As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed