Student-athletes love visiting Maranatha’s friendly campus for sports tournaments.

The University hosts invitational tournaments for high school soccer, volleyball, and basketball each year. Although most teams come from the Midwest, Maranatha Invitational Tournament fields have also included teams from Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, California, and Texas.

Maranatha is also the host site for Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS) basketball championship tournaments. Competition for WACS titles takes place in girls volleyball & basketball, boys soccer & basketball. The basketball dates for 2017-18 are March 2-3, 2018.

College teams competing in the National Christian College Athletic Association Midwest Region also descend on Watertown. Maranatha and other Midwest Region colleges host competition in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball on a rotating basis.

See the future Maranatha Invitational Tournament schedule below. If your school is interested in participating, contact MBU Athletic Director Rob Thompson at 920-206-2377 or email.

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Available Tournaments through 2026-2027

YearDateTournament EventField SizeStatus
2017-18Sept 15-16, 2017Girls Volleyball8Completed
Sept 15-16, 2017Boys Soccer4Completed
Feb 1-3, 2018Girls Basketball4Full
Feb 1-3, 2018Boys Basketball4Full
2018-19Sept 14-15, 2018Girls Volleyball8Full
Sept 14-15, 2018Boys Soccer4Full
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019Girls Basketball4Full
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019Boys Basketball4Full
2019-20Sept 13-14, 2019Girls Volleyball8Open - 1
Sept 13-14, 2019Boys Soccer4Full
Jan 30-Feb 1, 2020Girls Basketball4Open - 3
Jan 30-Feb 1, 2020Boys Basketball4Open - 3
2020-21Sept 18-19, 2020Girls Volleyball8Open - 6
Sept 18-19, 2020Boys Soccer4Open - 2
Feb 4-6, 2020Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 4-6, 2020Boys Basketball4Open
2021-22Sept 17-18, 2021Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 17-18, 2021Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 3-5, 2022Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 3-5, 2022Boys Basketball4Open
2022-23Sept 16-17, 2022Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 16-17, 2022Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 2-4, 2023Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 2-4, 2023Boys Basketball4Open
2023-24Sept 15-16, 2023Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 15-16, 2023Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 1-3, 2024Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 1-3, 2024Boys Basketball4Open
2024-25Sept 13-14, 2024Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 13-14, 2024Boys Soccer4Open
Jan 30-Feb 2, 2025Girls Basketball4Open
Jan 30-Feb 2, 2025Boys Basketball4Open
2025-26Sept 12-13, 2025Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 12-13, 2025Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 5-7, 2026Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 5-7, 2026Boys Basketball4Open
2026-27Sept 18-19, 2026Girls Volleyball8Open
Sept 18-19, 2026Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 4-6, 2027Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 4-6, 2027Boys Basketball4Open