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Annually Hosted High School Tournaments

MBU Sabercats hosts annual invitational tournaments for high school soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Teams from the Midwest, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, California, and Texas take part in these tournaments.




Available Tournaments through 2026-2027

Tournament Live Stream [Click Here]
YearDateTournament EventField SizeStatus
2024-25Sept 13-14, 2024Girls Volleyball4Full
Sept 13-14, 2024Boys Soccer4Full
Feb 6-8, 2025Girls Basketball4Full
Feb 6-8, 2025Boys Basketball4Full
2025-26Sept 12-13, 2025Girls Volleyball4Full
Sept 12-13, 2025Boys Soccer4Full
Feb 5-7, 2026Girls Basketball4Full
Feb 5-7, 2026Boys Basketball4Full
2026-27Sept 18-19, 2026Girls Volleyball4Open
Sept 18-19, 2026Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 4-6, 2027Girls Basketball4Open - Need 2
Feb 4-6, 2027Boys Basketball4Open - Need 2
2027-28Sept 17-18, 2027Girls Volleyball4Open
Sept 17-18, 2027Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 3-5, 2028Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 3-5, 2028Boys Basketball4Open
2028-29Sept 15-16, 2028Girls Volleyball4Open
Sept 15-16, 2028Boys Soccer4Open
Feb 1-3, 2029Girls Basketball4Open
Feb 1-3, 2029Boys Basketball4Open
2029-30Sept 14-15, 2029Girls Volleyball4Open
Sept 14-15, 2029Boys Soccer4Open
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2030Girls Basketball4Open
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2030Boys Basketball4Open