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We’re glad you are considering furthering your musical education at a Christian university such as Maranatha. Maranatha’s Department of Music has a solid reputation for rigorous music courses, accredited music degrees, successful graduates, professional and personable faculty, musical excellence, hands-on training, and a strong emphasis on ministering with music. As you browse these pages to learn about musical opportunities at Maranatha, you will find that our music programs not only challenge the status quo, but also provide excitement and fun for students. Prospective students are welcome to participate in musical groups, such as band, orchestra, or choir, during a visit to Maranatha!

Expert Faculty

  • Maranatha contracts professional private lesson outside instructors who musically stretch and challenge our students in a number of instruments.
  • Maranatha’s full-time music faculty have varied specialized areas of expertise backed by advanced degrees from diverse and accredited universities.
  • Maranatha’s music professors regularly participate in advanced education opportunities resulting in cutting edge, up-to-date course content.
  • Maranatha’s music faculty maintain professional memberships in their field of expertise, and some serve as chairpersons for national music organizations.
  • Maranatha’s music faculty have unified educational goals and philosophies.
  • Maranatha music faculty personally care about each student’s musical and spiritual formation. Students frequently seek out the music faculty for godly counsel, and faculty work to develop relationships with the students outside of the classroom by attending their special events and inviting students to their homes.

Successful Graduates


Many Maranatha music students have gone on to be successful in graduate school, in their career, or in Christian ministry. Select the tabs below to view your area of interest.

Recent Accomplishments by Maranatha Music Grads:

  • Maranatha seniors have scored above the 90th percentile for the past five years on the national standardized music test.
  • Out of 70 harp applicants, Christina Brier was the only student accepted into the Master’s Degree Program for Harp at Eastman School of Music. Christina was also awarded a scholarship for Eastman School of Music.
  • Westminster Choir College awarded Christin Peterson Kieckhafer a scholarship to study voice.
  • Florida State University granted Micah Lomax a theory teaching assistant position while he earns his advanced degree in music theory.
  • University of Michigan awarded Daniel Brier a $50,000 scholarship to study conducting. Daniel was also able to study abroad with renowned conductors.
  • Jeremiah Willson won first place in the 21st Annual Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association’s Young Artist Competition, claiming a $1,500 scholarship and earning the opportunity to perform a solo in the group’s concert.
  • Christina Brier won first place in the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition.
  • West Chester State University invited Megan Hibbs Rudolph to study music at Oxford while completing her piano pedagogy degree.
  • University of St.Thomas awarded Janet Tschida a fellowship and asked her to present her research at the University of St. Thomas Research Roundtable annual event.
Graduate School

Unique Department

Unique Opportunities

We Challenge the Status Quo!

  • Maranatha has community music prep schools to provide university pedagogy students with three or more years of supervised, hands-on experience teaching group classes, early childhood classes, ensembles, and private lessons, as well as planning special music events before graduating. Students teaching in the community prep schools are paid for teaching.
  • Maranatha has a Kiddie Kampus daycare where music education and pedagogy students teach early childhood classes for two or more semesters, enabling our students to earn their Level One National Early Childhood Music and Movement Certification.
  • Maranatha Music Prep Schools host several national festivals/competitions so that Maranatha pedagogy students learn how to prepare students for the Achievement Program, the National Piano Guild, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and other state competitions.
  • Music students are encouraged to be actively involved in the music ministry of one of the many churches in the southern Wisconsin area.
  • Music Education students become experts in applying Music Learning Theory.
  • Pedagogy students learn how to teach musical instruments using a highly successful sound-before-sight approach.
  • All music students participate in a music group every semester. These music groups engage students in ministry opportunities through performances on campus, in the surrounding community, and throughout the United States on annual tours.
  • Music students attend, perform, and critique performances at weekly instrument-specific repertoire classes. These repertoire classes have included performing in master classes given by area professionals, attending open rehearsals for the Madison symphony, attending chamber music concerts, having discussions after viewing historic performances, and sightreading literature.
  • The close proximity of the campus to institutions such as the Milwaukee Symphony, Madison Symphony, and Chicago Symphony makes frequent attendance to outstanding concerts possible.
  • Music major seniors often have the experience of conducting a number with a university choir, band, and/or orchestra.

Unique Atmosphere

Small College Feel, Big College Opportunities!

  • Maranatha’s Department of Music faculty/student ratio allows faculty to be involved with music students on a personal  level.
  • Because of Maranatha’s small size, music degree students develop lifelong friendships as they participate in a large music group every semester.
  • Maranatha music students foster a closely-knit community of support and encouragement for one another regardless of one’s academic or performance abilities.
  • Faculty and students cultivate a campus-wide appreciation for music by encouraging the student body to participate in music performing groups. Over 20% of the student body participates in music at Maranatha.

Music Students Love the Program

“Maranatha offers regionally-accredited music programs committed to excellence. For the past two years, the graduating seniors have scored in the 95th percentile on the standardized national music test.”

– Jessica Larson

“At Maranatha, music faculty take students where they are at and push them hard to reach their full potential.”

– Melody Steinbart

“Maranatha’s music faculty strongly encourages the music students to use their talents to minister in local churches on the weekends.”

– Sarah Delaney Stevens


“The musicians at Maranatha become close friends who challenge one another to excel musically and grow spiritually. Because the closely-knit Maranatha music community gets to know each other so well, we have an incredible amount of fun together too!!

– Sarah Pill Herbert


“Maranatha music courses are taught from a Biblical worldview.”

– Annelies Harmon

“Maranatha’s music faculty are personable, and they genuinely care about each student’s musical and spiritual development.”

– Joy Parker


“Maranatha’s music department is small enough so that all of the musicians can be involved, yet big enough so that there's lots of music groups and events to be involved in!!”

– Rachael Vancina

“Maranatha’s music faculty model a spirit of humility and emphasize a high standard of excellence by stressing that all needs to be done to the glory of God.”

— Melissa Aurand Haese

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