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Club Purpose

Development clubs move Maranatha departments forward by helping meet specific inter-departmental needs. Club members and other faithful donors have sacrificially given toward these projects for many years. We appreciate friends who have partnered with us to help in the Lord’s work.

Current Projects

Builders Club
Builder’s Club Project October – November 2023

Faculty/Staff Christmas Dinner

Each year, the MBU administration plan a special evening for our faculty and staff, plus their spouse or fiancé. The purpose is to express appreciation with a relaxed, fun evening featuring a light-hearted program. Pioneer Food Services caters a fabulous feast and the OSA office provides childcare free of charge. Please consider giving to help fund this special treat to thank our dedicated faculty and staff for their service!

Thank you for your continuing support of the MBU Builder’s Club. You are a great blessing to our students, the faculty, and the staff.

In Christ,

Jared Chesley

Facilities Manager

Athletics Club
Athletic Club Project | July – October 2023

Athletic Training Room Table Recovering | $1500

The Athletic Club project for July – October 2023 is to provide for the recovering of the Athletic Training Room tables/benches. These tables/benches are used by the Athletic Trainer and student-athletes for evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries. The tables will be outsourced to a professional company for the recovering process.

The current project goal is $1500.

On behalf of the student-athletes of Maranatha, we thank you for your support through the Athletic Club. Your contributions have enabled us to purchase much needed equipment and to provide for the “extras” in support of the student-athletes and coaches of Maranatha Baptist University in areas that go beyond the current funding allocations.

Go Sabercats! #Snarlstrong

Rob Thompson
Athletic Director

Fine Arts Club
Fine Arts Club | September – October  2023

 Wireless Intercom System | $2,200

If you’ve ever been to a Maranatha play, you recognize the quality that is produced on our stage! One recent visitor commented, “I have traveled to Milwaukee for my theater experiences. After seeing a Maranatha play, I’m willing to stay local!” 

As you know, what happens behind the scenes is just as important as what happens on stage. This year we would like to invest in a quality wireless intercom system for our stage crew. 

One of the challenges of using a traditional walkie talkie is that if two people try and talk at the same time, no one is heard! The system we would like to purchase is a “Full Duplex” which means that our team could communicate both ways at the same time with all the headsets – almost like being on a phone call with multiple users. The systems comes with 8 headsets, but could be expanded in the future. We believe that an investment in this system would help our backstage and sound crew communicate even better during productions. 

The cost for this system would be $2,200. Would you consider giving to this endeavor? 


Whether it’s classrooms or character, the Builders Club maintains the tradition of building Maranatha. Members have supplied the university with technological upgrades, furniture, equipment, and office renovation.


The Athletics Club provides support to the mission of the athletic department and the overall needs of student-athletes. Members have provided the athletic department with training and weight room upgrades, conditioning equipment, coaching apparel, and statistical software.


The Fine Arts Club gathers donations for projects specific to the music and dramatic needs of the university. Members of the Fine Arts Club have presented the university with classroom and performance instruments, stage flooring, wireless microphones, and inventory software.


The impact of the club donations has been priceless in the lives of our students on campus. Athletic Club donations have provided new training and game equipment, Builders Club has provided much-needed renovations and upgrades to our campus facilities, and the Fine Arts Club has offered our students new instruments, teaching tools, and so much more.