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Club Purpose

Development clubs move Maranatha departments forward by helping meet specific inter-departmental needs. Club members and other faithful donors have sacrificially given toward these projects for many years. We appreciate friends who have partnered with us to help in the Lord’s work. Click here to read what we accomplished in the past thanks to donors like you!

Current Projects

Builders Club

Builder’s Club Project October 2021 | Treadmill

 One of the most widely used piece of athletic equipment is the treadmill. It is used daily by athletes, non-athletes, faculty, and staff at Maranatha! As usage continues to increase as more and more people are committed to their physical fitness and overall health, the life of each piece of equipment diminishes. The need is for an additional commercial level machine.

 We currently have two treadmills and need to purchase an additional model for continued student use.

 Our goal for this project is $3000. Your continued support and giving benefits the student-athletes, as well as the entire campus population. Thank you!

 In HIS service,


Rob Thompson

Athletic Director

Athletics Club

Athletic Club Project: October 2021-January 2022
NCAA Softball Bat Tester | $950

Thank you to all who have faithfully contributed to the Athletic Club. Your contributions have enabled us to purchase much needed equipment and to provide for the “extras” in support of the student-athletes and coaches of Maranatha Baptist University in areas that go beyond the current funding allocations.

Recent support has provided funds to help with the purchase of video equipment for the softball and volleyball teams, and a bat tester for the baseball team. This equipment will aid the teams in their ability to provide game analysis on performance and processes, resulting in adjustments to training, implementation of advanced systems of play, and the development of our student-athletes. Additionally, recent funds have been used purchase customized outdoor tents.

The project for October-January is to provide a “bat tester” for the softball team for the Spring 2022 season. The tester will register the compression of a bat used for games. The NCAA has delayed the implementation of the bat tester due to COVID-19, but as of January 1, 2022 it will be required for every team to test every bat for every game.

The current project goal is $950.

On behalf of the student-athletes of Maranatha, we thank you for your support through the Athletic Club.

Go Sabercats! #Snarlstrong

Rob Thompson
Athletic Director


Fine Arts Club

 September-October 2021 | New Camera for Humanities

As I write this, summer is winding down and we are making preparations for the 2021-2022 school year. We have lots of exciting things planned including guest recitals, three Music on Mondays concerts, student senior recitals, and an arranging showcase.

Thank you for your faithful support for the Fine Arts Club. We will be purchasing the black Wenger chairs from last month’s project for our recital hall very shortly. We could not have done that without your help.

 This month’s project will be introduced by Angela Morris, chair of the Humanities Department.

Give our photography students high caliber hands-on experience as they build and improve their skill sets through the Fine Arts Club September project. Enable students to gain knowledge, grow in experience, and garner a strong portfolio.

The chosen camera brings with it state of the art technology and significant upgrades. It has the capacity to capture ultra-high-resolution images suitable for large-scale printing and extensive, creative cropping. The camera features advanced video capability and a Time Lapse movie function.

Access to this superlative camera will be a huge blessing to the Humanities Department!

For more details on the specs and features, click here.

Cost: $1500.00

The Lord Bless you.

David Ledgerwood



Whether it’s classrooms or character, the Builders Club maintains the tradition of building Maranatha. Members have supplied the university with technological upgrades, furniture, equipment, and office renovation.


The Athletics Club provides support to the mission of the athletic department and the overall needs of student-athletes. Members have provided the athletic department with training and weight room upgrades, conditioning equipment, coaching apparel, and statistical software.


The Fine Arts Club gathers donations for projects specific to the music and dramatic needs of the university. Members of the Fine Arts Club have presented the university with classroom and performance instruments, stage flooring, wireless microphones, and inventory software.

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The impact of the club donations has been priceless in the lives of our students on campus. Athletic Club donations have provided new training and game equipment, Builders Club has provided much-needed renovations and upgrades to our campus facilities, and the Fine Arts Club has offered our students new instruments, teaching tools, and so much more.