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Club Purpose

Development clubs move Maranatha departments forward by helping meet specific inter-departmental needs. Club members and other faithful donors have sacrificially given toward these projects for many years. We appreciate friends who have partnered with us to help in the Lord’s work. 

Current Projects

Builders Club

Builder’s Club Project March 2023

East Parking Lot Trees | $4000

The campus looks beautiful in the summer and the ornamental pear trees in the east parking lot add to the beauty. Unfortunately, many of those trees are dying. Some of them have already been cut down leaving a barren, open space.

Japanese Lilac Trees have been selected as a replacement because they are tolerant of urban environments and are commonly planted along streets and medians. They would make a lovely addition to campus.

The Builder’s Club project is to raise $4000 to replace the dying trees with the Japanese Lilac Trees. Spring is the best time to plant these trees for optimal growth and survival. We would love to order them soon so we can have them in time for planting season.

Thank you for your support of MBU and the Builder’s Club. Your gifts, regardless of size, are a blessing to the faculty, staff, and students at MBU.

In Christ,

Jared Chesley

Facilitiies Manager

Athletics Club

Athletic Club Project | March – June 2023
Softball Pitching Machine| $2500

The Athletic Club project for March – June 2023 is a new pitching machine for the softball team. Funds were raised to refurbish the old machine, however, the ability to have a new, modern unit with variations of speed and pitch would be much more beneficial to the program. The new unit is $3500. We have nearly $1000 raised thus far.

The current project goal is $2500.

On behalf of the student-athletes of Maranatha, we thank you for your support through the Athletic Club. Your contributions have enabled us to purchase much needed equipment and to provide for the “extras” in support of the student-athletes and coaches of Maranatha Baptist University in areas that go beyond the current funding allocations.

Recent support has provided funds to help with the purchase of game field goals and Coever (flat) goals for soccer, lightweight volleyball poles for the FCG, basketball defender dummies, bat testers, and professional apparel for the event staff.

Go Sabercats! #Snarlstrong

Rob Thompson
Athletic Director

Fine Arts Club

March – April 2023

Fine Arts Club | New Trumpet

Cost: $1500

Thank you for your faithful support of the Fine Arts Club. Due to your giving, we have scheduled bell refurbishing for this May. One of the final projects Dr. Budahl did for me was to have that done before he handed over the Music Department leadership to me 20 years ago. I want to do the same for the new chair.

Dr. Brown does a wonderful job directing our symphonic band. He needs a quality trumpet for students to use. We are looking to purchase a high quality used Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpet. Dr. Brown said we should be able to get one from $1500. If you could help us, it would be appreciated.

God bless you,

David Ledgerwood



Whether it’s classrooms or character, the Builders Club maintains the tradition of building Maranatha. Members have supplied the university with technological upgrades, furniture, equipment, and office renovation.


The Athletics Club provides support to the mission of the athletic department and the overall needs of student-athletes. Members have provided the athletic department with training and weight room upgrades, conditioning equipment, coaching apparel, and statistical software.


The Fine Arts Club gathers donations for projects specific to the music and dramatic needs of the university. Members of the Fine Arts Club have presented the university with classroom and performance instruments, stage flooring, wireless microphones, and inventory software.


The impact of the club donations has been priceless in the lives of our students on campus. Athletic Club donations have provided new training and game equipment, Builders Club has provided much-needed renovations and upgrades to our campus facilities, and the Fine Arts Club has offered our students new instruments, teaching tools, and so much more.