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MBU’s ON MISSION podcast lets you hear from individuals with a powerful passion for life—people who know what matters to them and who persist in making that happen. Each podcast episode explores one person’s mission at a time—interview-style conversations with individuals deeply involved in ministry, community, and civic engagement, each sharing the challenges and the joys of living life intentionally.

Join host Matt Davis and co-host Jonathan Sheeley as they explore the keys to living a life of purpose and eternal significance for God’s glory.



Dr. Matt Davis previously served as Maranatha Baptist University’s executive vice president before becoming the CEO of MBU in the spring of 2021. Matt believes God’s work in the world is done through Christians everywhere—working and serving faithfully in their local churches and in their communities. He’s eager to showcase what God is accomplishing at MBU and to share conversations with guests who are “on the move, going in the right direction.”


Director of Communications, MBU

A graduate of MBU, Jonathan Sheeley has broad experience in guest relations, in student services, and, most recently, as the director of recruitment and admissions. He is passionate about extending the impact of his alma mater through clear and effective communication strategies, beginning with internal processes and ranging to external marketing.


Meet the people you need to know and hear serious
conversations that will inspire and challenge you to
live life intentionally. We’re exploring one person’s
mission at a time. These are their stories.