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How to Register for Classes

Online students are generally able to sign themselves up for classes. Guest Students get that ability from the moment their application is processed, and online program students are able to do so after the end of their first semester (prior to which time they do so through their advisor). You may register for any class for which you meet the prerequisites.

Please follow this step-by-step process to register for classes! (Note: There is also a video tutorial available.)

Step #1- After signing in to MyMaranatha, click on the “Academics” tab at the top.

Step #2- Click on the “Registration” tab of the left sidebar.

Step #3- Click the “Add/Drop Courses” icon in the center of the page.

Step #4- Click on the “Course Search” tab in the center of the page. (Note: You can ignore the “Add/Drop” grey box above it.)

Step #5- Input the information you want to search for in the course search.

(It is recommended that you select the online session (A,B,C, or D) you are looking for, set both the Department and Division fields to “All,” and click the “Search” button without limiting by Title or Course Code. You will then find all of the online courses in that section to choose from.)

Step #6- Register for classes by selecting the checkbox(es) next to the course(s) that you want to take and then clicking the “Add” button.

If you have any questions about programs or courses, please contact our office at or by clicking here!

Understanding Online Sessions vs. Semesters

Maranatha Online now has four sessions per semester, all starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Saturday.

  • The A Session begins on a Tuesday and ends eight Saturdays later (8 weeks)
  • The B Session begins on the Tuesday after the end of the A Session and ends eight Saturdays later (8 weeks)
  • The C Session begins on the same Tuesday as the A Session and ends twelve Saturdays later (12 weeks)
  • The D Session begins on the same Tuesday as the A Session and ends fifteen Saturdays later, one week prior to the end of B Session (15 weeks)

Students may wonder why there are C and D Sessions. Certain classes, due to the content and type of material, do not fit well into an 8-week block. For example, most of the courses in the D Sessions are 4-5 credits, reflecting significantly more work than the standard 3-credit classes.

Textbook Ordering

Many students wonder how to find out what textbook(s) are required for a course. The Online Textbook Bookstore is the place to go!

Finding Your Books

  1. When you go to the bookstore website, you will see a page that looks like this.

  2. Under the “Find Your Course” tab in the middle, click on the white “Select Level” menu and choose your semester.
  3. Then, click the next white “Select Level” menu and choose your course level (most likely, “Undergraduate”).
  4. Now, choose the session of your course in the next white “Select Level” menu.
  5. Finally, find your course. You can simply start typing the name of the course or course code, and it will automatically filter your list. You can also scroll through the entire list if you’d prefer.

Once you click the name of your course, you will have options to save the course (if you’re looking for multiple classes) or simply view the books and materials. To get the ISBN and other information, simply click on the book title. You can then use this to order your book from another source if you would prefer (such as Maranatha’s Amazon store).

Physical textbooks should be ordered at least 10 days in advance of a course starting; however, many books are now available as e-books. If that is true for your course, you will see it as an option next to the textbook.

Course Orientation Videos