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Life is ministry. Ministry is global.

At MBU, we want our students to see opportunities for ministry both locally and globally. To help them take advantage of these opportunities, our university sends missions teams all over the world through our Global Encounters program. Any student who desires to participate in Global Encounters can travel with a team, and an estimated one-third of our 2015 graduating class traveled with Global Encounters during their undergraduate years. Led by MBU faculty and staff, the team members raise funds for their trips and meet regularly prior to the trip to prepare for their time abroad. Global Encounters has allowed MBU students to experience countries as diverse as the Philippines, India, Ukraine, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Uganda, Germany, and many others.The world needs the Gospel, and with a sound biblical education and practical experience, our students are poised to serve anywhere God may call them.


The objective of Global Encounters is to strategically mobilize the faculty and students of Maranatha into needy regions around the world for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.

As the trip progressed, I learned so much about myself and others. I felt true and uncontrollable joy sharing the amazing plan that God had for their lives. Never had I felt so excited and on fire about my faith.

—Alexis Buchholz (Interdisciplinary Studies, 2021)


Every Maranatha student is encouraged to consider taking a mission trip with Global Encounters. Of our 2015 residential graduating seniors, about one-third traveled with Global Encounters during their undergraduate years. According to Dr. Love, “This is a blessing for which we are indebted to God and a tribute to the mind-set of our student body.”

Participating students are required to raise their own support for each trip, allowing donors to connect with Maranatha in a unique way. Currently, over 6,000 donors have given over 1.25 million dollars toward student mission trips. Ultimately, these funds help students partake in mission trips that mold and enhance their view of ministry, missions, and the local church.

Team leader

Dr. Steve Love

Director of Global Encounters

“Mission trips have the potential of opening one’s senses to a greater need of the grace of God in their own lives and seeing that grace received in the lives of those to whom they minister.”
Dr. Steve Love, Director of Global Encounters