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Payments on Maranatha accounts are made through the CashNet system on MyMaranatha. This system provides complete Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for all Maranatha online payments. Students also have the ability to establish parent or other authorized individuals to make payments on the site. After a parent, family member, or other authorized payer has been added by a student, they may use their login on our payment portal to access, view, and pay a bill.

Refund Policy and Schedule

In the case of students withdrawing from college either voluntarily or by dismissal (except for military service), the following applies:

During the first seven (7) weeks of a semester, they will be prorated the Tuition and Comprehensive Fee as follows, according to the withdrawal date:

Room and board will be prorated on a weekly basis from the beginning of the semester.
After the first seven (7) weeks of a semester, students will be responsible for the entire semester’s tuition and fee charges.
Veterans under Public Law 89-358 will be refunded on a daily prorated basis.
Academic, class, and program fees are non-refundable.
Refund schedule

During the First Week 87.5% refund
During the Second Week 75.0% refund
During the Third Week 62.5% refund
During the Fourth Week 50.0% refund
During the Fifth Week 37.5% refund
During the Sixth Week 25.0% refund
During the Seventh Week 12.5% refund
During the Eighth Week 0.0% refund

Changes of academic load refund
From the first day of classes, a schedule change that reduces a full-time academic hour load to a part-time load will produce a credit to the student account at the same refund rate as withdrawal from college.

During the registration process, students are expected to complete a financial agreement form online.

The minimum down payment is one-third of the entire semester cost. If financial aid is anticipated (Pell Grant, Stafford Loan, or Wisconsin Grant), then the down payment is one-third of the net semester cost (total charges minus financial aid). A $50 late fee is assessed if the down payment is not received by August 15 and January 2.

Payment Plans

  1. Payment in Full: Students must pay the full semester charge by the down payment due date.
  2. Semester Plan: Students pay 1/3 of the net semester costs (total charges minus anticipated financial aid) due at the down payment deadline. The balance of the semester is divided into three monthly payments (the 15th of each month). This plan has a $60 extended payment fee.
  3. Payment Plan Estimator

Payment Plan Policies

  • Monthly payments sufficient to pay your balance in full by the end of the semester are required.
  • Final payment of the semester is due in full by November 15 for the fall semester and April 15 for the spring semester.
  • A one percent per month (12 percent per annum) late payment charge will be assessed on any unpaid balance remaining after the end of each semester.
  • An outstanding balance of prior semesters must be paid in full for enrollment in a new semester.
  • Accounts must be paid in full before transcripts or diplomas are issued. A candidate for graduation must have no outstanding balance owed to the college in order to participate in the commencement exercises.

Summer school payment plans

  1. Option one: Students must pay entire amount on the first Monday of summer school.
  2. Option two: Students must pay half of the amount on the first Monday of summer school, and the other half by June 15.