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Biblical Studies and Liberal Arts Core

You will be more useful to Christ and more motivated to serve Him when you develop a thoroughly God-centered worldview. The Biblical Studies and Liberal Arts cores are the foundation of the education Maranatha offers. We want you to know not only the Word of God but also the broader framework of human history and culture so you can be more effective in the vocation to which God calls you. Through these carefully designed cores, you will learn to see the world from a biblical viewpoint. You will obtain a framework that provides perspective for values and goals, skills for problem-solving and decision-making, and competence in critical thinking that is necessary to evaluate good and evil in a confused and confusing world. You will learn to effectively yet compassionately communicate truth to a needy world, to develop the whole person, and to bring every aspect of your life under the lordship of Christ.

Biblical Studies Core 

Biblical Studies Core Objectives

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree must complete the 24-hour Biblical Studies core:

After completing the Biblical Studies core, students should be able to

1. Comprehend a basic understanding of Bible knowledge and Christian doctrine, including an understanding of man’s origin, purpose, and destiny from a biblical perspective.
2. Develop proficiency in biblical studies methodology in biblical interpretation and in appropriate application to the issues of life.
3. Recognize the Bible as the foundational resource for developing a personal set of values through the integration of biblical truth into life.
4. Develop a close relationship with God through a greater knowledge and application of His written Word.
5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate the Gospel clearly and credibly.
6. Know and value the heritage, history, and distinctiveness of the Fundamental Baptist movement.
7. Be able to articulate a biblical worldview that will tie all fields of study to the Scriptures and to the God of the Scriptures.

Note: Some majors have more specific Biblical Studies course requirements.

Biblical Studies Core Classes


Biblical Studies Core (24 Credits) Credits
Requirements (18 Credits)
BIBI 111 Old Testament Survey 3
BIBI 112 New Testament Survey 3
BIBC 230 Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism 3
BIBI 315 Bible Doctrine 1 3
BIBI 316 Bible Doctrine 2 3
BIBC 321 Baptist Heritage 3
Bible Course Electives (3-6 Credits)
BIBI 300 Hebrew History 3
BIBI 305 Genesis 3
BIBI 330 Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 3
BIBI 338 Matthew 3
BIBI 341 Luke 3
BIBI 345 Gospel of John 3
BIBI 351 Acts 3
BIBI 358 Romans 3
BIBI 361 1 and 2 Corinthians 3
BIBI 371 Galatians 3
BIBI 384 James & 1 Peter 3
BIBI 386 Johannine Epistles 3
BIBI 390 Daniel & Revelation 3
BIBI 396 Pauline Epistles 3
Bible Application Electives (0-3 Credits)
BIBC 233 Modern Creationary Thought 3
BICO 241 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
BIPA 472 Fundamentalism 3

Liberal Arts Core

Liberal Arts Core Objectives

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree must complete a General Studies core of at least 31 hours:

After completing the Liberal Arts core, students should be able to:

1. Understand the historical and cultural context of the present society.
2. Clearly articulate thoughts, ideas, and beliefs in a logical and organized manner through writing and speech.
3. Think critically, making sound judgments regarding the worth and merit of various ideas, values, or artistic expressions.
4. Understand people—their motives, interactions, and cultures.
5. Utilize a systematic and disciplined approach toward examining nature and solving quantitative problems.
6. Appreciate the order and design of creation.
7. Make God-honoring moral and ethical choices.
8. Appreciate biblical values such as diligence, integrity, humility, and purity and acquire a care and concern for maintaining the health of the physical body.

Students who test out of English Composition 1 must replace the credits with any Liberal Arts core credits. An asterisk indicates a required course. Other courses are electives. Some majors require that specific courses be taken to meet some of the requirements in the Liberal Arts core.

Liberal Arts Core Classes


Rhetoric and Communications (5-8 Credits) Credits
CASP 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking* 2
HUEN 121 (1)English Composition 1 3
HUEN 122 English Composition 2 3
(1)Those who test out of HUEN 121 English Composition 1 will replace the credits with any additional credits from the Liberal Arts core.
Literature and Music (5 Credits) Credits
(2)Literature Requirement 3
(3)Music Elective 2
(2)Any literature course
(3)Any music course
Humanities (12 Credits) Credits
HUHI 130 The Modern World 3
(4)American Studies 3
(5)Humanities & Social Sciences Electives 6
(4)Any course in the disciplines of history, political science, or government that focuses on the United States of America
(5)Any course in the disciplines of art, music, comparative religions, economics, foreign language (ancient or modern), geography, government, history, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, or sociology
Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning (6 Credits) Credits
(6)Quantitative Reasoning 3
(7)Scientific Reasoning 3
(6)Any math course; Elementary Teacher Education majors may use an ELED math course to meet the requirement
(7)Any science course; Elementary Teacher Education majors may use an ELED science course to meet the requirement