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Academic Success Center

In the Academic Success Center, our name says it all – we are here to help Maranatha students succeed academically! Our mission is to promote academic success for all students, to enhance student performance, and to increase student retention. We help students to become better learners.

Entering college often means being introduced to a new learning environment: courses proceed at a rapid rate and cover large volumes of material with few tests. Students who develop additional methods of learning are able to adapt more quickly and be successful in their college careers.

Available Programs


1-on-1 Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is offered to all Maranatha undergraduate students and is available for many subjects including writing, mathematics, sciences, languages, communication, business, Bible, and accounting. Tutoring sessions are generally one hour long and are held twice each week for the entirety of the semester. Our tutors are well-qualified, responsible peers who possess sensitivity and compassion toward the needs of our students.

Supplemental Instructions

Supplemental Instruction is a group study module led by a student experienced in the subject matter. SI is offered for traditionally difficult freshman and sophomore level classes, especially in the Nursing major. SI sessions are generally one hour long and are held two evenings each week. Attendance is voluntary – students are not required to attend every session. Data proves that those who attend SI sessions achieve a higher final grade than those who do not.

Study Groups

Study Groups are also offered for more traditional classes, especially in the social sciences, psychology, math, and English. These groups are also led by a student who is experienced in the subject matter. These sessions are held one or two times each week and are voluntary.

Academic Coaching/Counseling

Academic Coaching provides students with a chance to work individually with a professional staff member to improve academic skills, confidence, and performance. Students will be challenged in time management, test-taking skills, and learning strategies.

Tutors Will…

  • Steer in the right direction, give feedback, and help catch up
  • Show how to work through a problem, organize research notes, or revise a paper
  • Ask questions and guide to finish the task
  • Help to facilitate learning


Study Skills Seminars

Study Skills Seminars will be offered online to assist students in enhancing and refining their academic skills. Workshop topics include time management, study skills, test-taking and preparation, learning styles and strategies, listening skills, and textbook reading.

Tutors Will Not…

  • Write, edit, or proofread papers
  • Solve a problem or do work
  • Correct homework or give a grade on a paper


As per the American Disabilities Act, Maranatha provides accommodations for any student who has a diagnosed disability. The student who desires to seek specific accommodations must provide the Center with documentation from a medical professional who has given or confirmed the diagnosis, as well as any recommendations they may have.