More than you Expect

More Than You Expect: Nursing

Some might find the idea of attending a Bible college to become a doctor, lawyer, detective, or scientist to be an odd notion. They might also be skeptical of studying there to land a job in marketing, photography and video, international business, sports and recreation, or the military.

Maranatha graduates are doing all those things. Training Christian leaders for the professions, as well as for full-time ministry, has always been the focus. You can find someone from among our 4,000 plus graduates in almost any ministry or career field you can think of.

Maranatha offers many academic programs you may not expect at a Bible college, including:

  • Aviation
  • Biology/Environmental Science
  • Biology/Pre-Medical
  • Business Management
  • Accounting (CPA)
  • Digital Media Marketing/Communications
  • Sport Management
  • Photography
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Nursing

The most popular majors at Maranatha continue to be Bible and Church Ministries, Teacher Education, Humanities (largely pre-professional studies), and the various Business programs. But there are many choices, more than 40 degree programs in all.

One great option for those seeking a professional career is graduate school. Maranatha’s regional accreditation prepares its students to be accepted into almost any postgraduate program.

“We offer a strong liberal arts foundation,” said Dr. John Brock, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “I don’t know of any graduate who hasn’t been successful in their professional program.”

More Than You Expect: PhotographyA survey of graduates from 2008-2011 who applied to graduate schools indicated 98 percent were accepted by their first choice.
Alumni have used their degrees to enter a broad scope of careers.

Many Maranatha graduates have found law enforcement to be rewarding. Alaska State Trooper Brian Hibbs (’06) was a Biblical Studies major. Lisa DeGraw (’79) and her daughter, Christa (DeGraw) Roberts (’02), were Music Education and Church Music majors in college, but now work for the FBI office in Phoenix. Several other law enforcement officers were Humanities majors. Those graduates said only about half of their coworkers were Criminal Justice majors.

“The fact that you will stick to it and complete your degree seems to mean more than what area the degree is actually in,” DeGraw said.

The other side of law enforcement is the court of law. Maranatha graduates who have completed law school include Dr. Michael Dean (’77), who has been involved in several landmark cases for religious and educational rights in Wisconsin; Kelly (Maples) Culp (’90), who went on to private business law practice in Colorado; and Ryan Licht (‘06), who went to work for U.S. Treasury Department.

While Maranatha’s nursing program is top-notch, graduates in other programs have pursued careers in medicine.

Major Lee Brock (’98), M.D., is a physician with the U.S. Air Force. He was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal and named Air Combat Command Pediatrician of the Year. Humanities/Applied Science major Mandy Blumer (’05) is a physician assistant, and Emily Mackey (’12) is studying to become one. Naomi Maunu (’06), another Humanities/Applied Science grad, became a physical therapist.

Maranatha graduates also find employment in exciting places.

Fraser Armstrong (’09, Humanities/Letters) is an actor for Sight and Sound in Branson, MO. Luke Musgrave (’09, Business Management) researches titles, leases, and mineral rights for Denver-based High West Resources. Shannon Delany (’11, Sport Management) is a YMCA administrator. Dr. Jesse Sherburn (’06, Humanities/Applied Science) designs protective structures for the U.S. military.

Maranatha provides opportunities to study for almost any ministry, profession, or career. Its programs are designed to prepare you to become a Christian leader in whatever God has called you to do.