Elementary Spanish 1

About This Course

Course Name/Code: Elementary Spanish 1, HUSP 131

Description: The first semester of introductory Spanish. Emphasis will be made in pronunciation, grammar, and rules of the language and developing skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as introducing students to the culture of different Spanish-speaking countries. Oral proficiency interviews will be conducted over the course to measure levels and progress of students. Classes are conducted in Spanish.

Credits: 3

Note: This course presumes that the student has already completed 2 years of high school Spanish. Instruction will be conducted primarily in Spanish. Students with questions about this course and their placement in it should contact the instructor directly.

Instructors and Texts

Instructors Who Teach This Course: Dr. Manuel Morales

Required Text(s): Please use the online campus bookstore to locate required textbooks for the course. Make sure that you search using the correct course code and look for the course with the “OL” suffix in the drop-down list. (See Textbook Ordering Help.)