300+ Level Courses for Bachelor’s Degree

Maranatha requires students to have at least 24 credits of 300+ level courses in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. The course code can tell you a lot about a course, but the number, in particular, will explain what level of expectation there will be for the student. 300 and 400 level courses generally include research writing (most commonly, a formal research paper), an advanced project, and/or higher expectations of quality work. They also generally assume a level of knowledge based on lower-level courses in the same academic field and the General Core (such asĀ English Comp 2).

It is very important that students attempting to complete their degree online take 300+ level courses when they are available until their requirement has been fulfilled. Generally, only 3-6 credits of such electives are available in any particular session, and there is no guarantee that the ones offered in the session when you were planning on meeting the requirement will fit the prerequisites you already have completed or that they will be courses you have not already completed.

Within the lists of Fall, Spring, or Summer classes being offered, 300+ level courses are identified by the “(300+ level)” after the course name. In the example below, Modern European History, Educational Assessment, and Advanced Geometry are all 300+ level courses.


In looking at any course page, you can see the course code, including the number, to identify if a course will meet the requirement. HUHI 352 is the course code for Modern European History below.

Course Code

Students completing the requirements at Maranatha will always earn 6 credits, because Bible Doctrine 1 and Bible Doctrine 2 are required for all students. Students under the old Bible Core also took 1 credit with Christian Life 3.

Graduate courses (500+ level) also meet this requirement.