Benefits of Completing Your Degree

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Many students look at the cost of degree completion and give up. It is certain that college in America is not cheap and is becoming less so every year. Maranatha recently published an article entitled, “Is a College Degree Worth the Investment?” I’d encourage you to read the full article, but here’s the summary in a single word- “Yes.”

These are four great reasons to go ahead with completing your degree despite the up-front financial cost:

  1. Spiritual Growth. In Maranatha’s degree completion program, you will take at least Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Baptist Heritage, Christian Life and Leadership, Bible Doctrine 1, Bible Doctrine 2, and two Bible electives. This close study of the quick and powerful Word of God will challenge your heart and mind to become more like Christ.
  2. Mental Growth. The brain, much like our muscles, grows weaker if we don’t use it. Taking courses in subjects you’ve never studied before is like bench-pressing 200 lbs. for your brain!
  3. Access to Employment. A standard employment question has become, “Do you have a regionally-accredited Bachelor’s degree?” More important than your major, employers are looking for that general achievement. After working through our program, you can emphatically reply, “Yes!” The course of study you complete, whether in an official minor / concentration or a customized course of study, provides you with the skills you need to be successful in your chosen field after graduation.
  4. Christina MillerAccess to Grad School. Some say that the Master’s degree is the new Bachelor’s, and you can’t move on to a Master’s program without your Bachelor’s degree first. Maranatha’s regional accreditation is a universally-recognized stamp of quiality, and we even have certain graduate programs available online. You can take up to 17 credits of graduate credits that work toward both your Bachelor’s degree and the Master of Arts in English Bible. If my words aren’t convincing enough, read this testimonial from Christina Miller.

Although completing your degree online isn’t cheap, it is a great value. The decision to complete your degree not only increases your earning power, but it also helps you grow as a person and follower of Christ. It is, in fact, a situation where the mental, spiritual, employment, and educational benefits just outweigh the up-front financial costs. As the adage goes, “You’ve gotta spend money to make money!”