The Greatest Generation

When we think about the Greatest Generation, most of us think of WWII battlefields and the sacrifice that the generation who grew up in the depression, served their country in Europe and the Pacific, gave their lives, and those who lived came home to build the greatest country the world has even seen.

Fox News today discussed a new survey, apparently from the Higher Education Research Institute, that indicates that today’s college students believe that they are greatest generation in history. There has always been a bit of self-worth among young college students, but this year’s survey shows a surge in self-love. The survey also showed that there is a disconnect between the students’ opinion of themselves and their actual abilities.

Life has a way of teaching real lessons. These students are going to learn a lot over the next few years as the realities of working and paying bills, competing in the marketplace, and having to deal with their own problems become a way of life for them.

I am so thankful for the students that God has sent to us at Maranatha. While we have our problems, the majority of our students understand (since they understand Scripture) the sinfulness and self-deception of the human heart, the pride that drives the self-worth in our society, and the true value of human worth when a life is dedicated to service to God.