Dual Enrollment

College in High School: Dual Enrollment and Advance to College

The 21st century has seen quite the spike in education over the last decade. A college degree is the new high school diploma, and more and more students are going after a Master’s degree. Many colleges all over the country have taken part in the dual enrollment program, which is awesome for the 21st century student. What is the point of taking dual enrollment courses? You may even be thinking “What is dual enrollment?!” and “Why does this sound so scary?” Why is dual enrollment the Next Big Thing?

Dual Enrollment: Explained

To begin, dual enrollment is a program offered to Juniors and Seniors in high school to begin taking college classes while still in high school and receive credit at both the high school and college levels. Many colleges offer these courses at a reduced price. For Maranatha, it is $175 per credit. That’s nearly 60% off regular tuition price! Because of this, students can get as much as their entire first year of college done BEFORE they even graduate from high school. It really is the new way to save time and money.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Aside from getting a jumpstart on college at a reduced rate, dual enrollment is also beneficial for other reasons. For one, it gets students ready for college by slowly getting them used to the rigor and challenge of higher learning. By taking classes online, it introduces a student to the style of college classes: homework, papers, a college’s site, and their portal. Dual credit classes also give the opportunity for students to challenge themselves while still having their teachers to help them. Math, for instance, is a difficult subject for most, but students like to get it out of the way via dual enrollment because they can ask their high school teacher questions as well. It also gives students the opportunity to learn how to communicate with professors and teachers via email and other correspondence. By the time dual enrollment students are ready to take on college, they already know what to expect.

Advance to College (ATC)

Another neat program associated with Dual Enrollment is our program called Advance to College. This program is designed to give students college credit at the high school level as well. However, the class itself is taught on the campus of the high school by a high school teacher using Maranatha’s curriculum. To receive college credit, students only pay $99 per course. To qualify to teach, the teacher must meet Maranatha’s requirements: either have a Master’s degree in the subject area they are teaching or have a Master’s degree with 18 graduate credits in the subject area. If your school is interested in taking part in the program, contact Maranatha.

Receiving college credits in high school can be a huge benefit in the course of a student’s college career. Not only does it save time and money, it gives students a head start on the path God has set for them. Maranatha strives to teach students to be leaders and to follow Christ. Dual enrollment and the ATC program are just a couple of the ways Maranatha reaches people around the world, making an impact on the next generation to the praise of His glory.