Alumni of the Year 2023: Mike High

In the realm of education and spiritual mentorship, there are individuals who stand out as beacons of inspiration and dedication. Maranatha Baptist University proudly honors one such luminary as the Alumni of the Year 2023: Mike High, a dedicated educator, loving husband, and steadfast servant of God. A 1983 alumnus, Mike’s journey from a young church attendee to a devoted teacher is a testament to the transformative power of faith and education.

Mike’s story began in August 1970 when he started attending Tri-City Baptist Church. It was within the nurturing environment of this church that he first encountered the message of salvation, and at the tender age of twelve, he accepted Christ into his life. However, like many on their spiritual journey, Mike faced struggles during his adolescent years, grappling to align his actions with his faith. This internal conflict continued until a pivotal moment when his youth pastor, Dave Bunt—an alumnus of Maranatha Baptist University—issued a challenge that resonated deeply: to be as serious about his faith as he was about his basketball prowess.

The challenge catalyzed Mike’s growth, leading him to actively engage with his church’s mission by working on a bus route. This experience not only deepened his connection to his faith community but also kindled a passion for working with children. As time progressed, he took on greater responsibilities, becoming a bus captain and nurturing a love for mentoring and guiding young hearts.

Deciding to further his Biblical knowledge and commitment to teaching, Mike enrolled at Maranatha Baptist University. In a poignant moment during his second year, while studying Mark 5:19, he felt a clear divine call to become a teacher and serve at his home church. With this revelation, he embarked on a lifelong journey of educating minds and souls.

Mike’s personal journey of faith also intertwined with his romantic journey, as he met his future wife, Debbie, in the summer of 1982. Their love story culminated in marriage on July 29, 1983. This partnership marked the beginning of a life dedicated to service, mentorship, and nurturing their own family as well as the broader community.

For four decades, Mike has poured his heart into teaching fourth grade at Tri-City Christian Academy. During this time, he also actively coached various sports teams, demonstrating his commitment to the holistic development of his students. Additionally, his devotion to teaching extended to the Sunday school classes he led at his church, where he continued to sow seeds of faith into young lives.

Mike’s greatest desire has always been to introduce his students to the love and grace of Jesus Christ. His impact goes far beyond the classroom walls; he has left an indelible mark on countless lives, nurturing character, values, and a strong foundation of faith.

As Mike reflects on his journey, he acknowledges the pivotal role Maranatha Baptist University played in shaping his path. He expresses gratitude for the individuals who selflessly invested in his growth and development, recognizing that their sacrifices have been a driving force in his life’s work.

The story of Mike High, the Maranatha Baptist University Alumni of the Year 2023, is one of faith, commitment, and unwavering dedication. His journey from a young church attendee to a revered educator stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of education rooted in faith. Through his love for teaching, mentoring, and guiding, Mike High continues to illuminate the path for both his students and peers, reminding us of all of the profound impact one individual can make when fueled by a fervent passion for Christ-centered education.

Mike High and Mike & Jennifer Fiocchi were honored at the Alumni Dinner on August 25, 2023.