Jaren Fair Vocal Recital Highlights

Jaren Fair recently performed his Senior Voice Recital in Burckart Hall. To an audience of family and friends, he demonstrated his musical talent and personal dedication with fourteen songs that showed his mastery of various styles and vocal techniques.

Fair’s teacher, Mrs. Carol Ruffin, spoke highly of him and his college career. “Jaren Fair has been the consummate ‘team player’ during his time at MBU. He is always willing to help where he is able—for instance, participating in the recitals of his peers, traveling with summer teams, singing in the university musical, and contributing to the music ministry of his extension church. He has been a blessing to me personally and to many others.”

Fair’s recital was given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with concentrations in Voice Performance and Church Music. After graduation, Fair hopes to teach music with his wife Abby, to enter the ministry as a music pastor, and to pursue a master’s degree in Bible.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Not normally known for his vocal works, Beethoven composed this piece in 1797, using a poem written by Friedrich van Matthisson. The poem compares the beloved Adelaide to nature. The first two thirds of the piece are in a smooth, peaceful style. But the last section, even though referencing death, is quicker in tempo and speaks of the blooming flowers on the grave of the lover.

Love, Unrequited

Arthur Sullivan

From Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta lolanthe, Fair’s next song reflects the one-sided love the Lord Chancellor has for the soon-to-be-bride, Phyllis. The piece is a “patter song,” a song meant to be sung quickly with a word for each note sung.

The Publican

Beardsley Van de Water

Next, Fair performs “The Publican,” a piece based on Luke 18:10-14. In this passage, Jesus tells a parable about a self-righteous Pharisee and contrasts him with the humble Publican who pleads for God’s mercy.

If I Can’t Love Her

Alan Menken

This song appeared in Maranatha’s production of Beauty and the Beast. Fair participated in the production his sophomore year. In the play, the Beast sings this song after releasing Belle from his castle and feels as if he will never love again.