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Leadership Training at Its Finest: The MBU Teacher Education Program

Think of your favorite teacher. They believed in you, pushed you, sacrificed their time for you, and guided you toward the next step in your life.

Teaching is a big responsibility, but the reward in the classroom is incredible. Teaching grants you the opportunity to make meaningful, eternal impact on future leaders both academically and spiritually.

This can be a daunting task. But imagine walking into your first day as a confident teacher because you’re on a mission, and you have the skills and disposition to tackle anything that comes your way.

This reality is what the Teacher Education program at MBU is uniquely built to do.

Consider MBU a training ground that equips you, a future teacher, to enter your field with confidence and compassion.

Professional Skills

If you’re like me in any way, you sit through classes thinking about how you could teach in a better way. Teacher education students must learn to clearly communicate complex concepts in various ways to meet the needs of individual students.

Therefore, the MBU Teacher Education program is dedicated to practical and prestigious academics so that you can best meet the needs of your future students. Alumnus Hope Cupery says “the program pushed me beyond simply memorizing information to applying what I was learning to projects that prepared me for my future career.”

From day one, the program prepares you to handle real-life situations in your first year of teaching. “Instead of writing countless papers on theory, I created practical, hands-on projects and had memorable experiences in the field” says Cupery.

The MBU curriculum places a heavy emphasis on fieldwork because the best way to learn is by doing. Regardless of personal philosophy, it is necessary to learn what teaching looks like in real life. So, MBU gives you over 100 hours of fieldwork before student teaching.

The School of Education allows you to serve students in the school and community of your choice. Therefore, after going through the program, you can graduate with a regionally accredited Teaching License from the State of Wisconsin.

Values in Teaching

The impact a teacher has in the classroom extends far beyond his or her content knowledge or teaching skills. A teacher’s values can educate and transform the lives of students.

At MBU, valuing the Word of God and our Savior heavily influences the way we learn to teach. You will learn to filter your teaching, thinking, and acting through a God-glorifying biblical worldview. 

As an education major myself, I learned that the most important thing that I will teach my students is not content, but how I live and love them. Christ has given me individualized instruction and attention, and I should seek to do the same for every student.

At MBU, you will not only learn how to teach your students academically, but you will be challenged to love and nurture them spiritually no matter if you teach in a public or christian environment. 

Excellent Role Models 

As we grow as teachers, we almost instantly adopt styles that we see in our own teachers. When you see amazing teachers, it gives you a picture of what you could be. And you get to see that every single day in your Teacher Education classes at MBU. 

Alumnus Rachel Allen says of her writing professor,“in addition to pushing me to the next level as a writer and editor, she has helped make me a better human being.” Of her professors, she also says, “If I can be half the teacher that these professors has been to me, I will be a pretty good one indeed.”

These professors don’t just develop teachers through what they teach but how they teach.

Personally, my content professor was never too busy for me. She opened her office for me, offered me coffee, and helped me grind through concepts for hours. She continued to explain problems to me in new ways until I understood. The only thing that stopped a visit to her office was running out of problems or another student coming in for help.

The education professors at MBU are not merely concerned with what you know, but who you are becoming. They will sacrifice of themselves to ensure the mission of MBU is accomplished in you, and that is something to aspire to.

If you have a passion to influence young leaders and want to investigate the School of Education, click here. Can’t wait to start your college education? Get our Teaching Education Get Going Guide that gives you practical steps that you can start today.



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