Why You Should Join Us on the Destination MBU Road Trip

Join us on the Destination MBU Road Trip this November 10th-12th! For just $35, we’ll pick you up and drive you MBU’s campus in beautiful Watertown, Wisconsin. You could get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a student at MBU by going on a campus tour, visiting classes, living in the dorms, eating in the DC, meeting professors, and more. But what will this visit look like?

Experience Community

College is more than just an education – it’s all about the experience. By visiting us on the Destination MBU Road Trip, you’ll get to meet with professors and coaches (who may be your mentors one day), stay in the dorm with students (who may be your friends and classmates one day), and get a feel for the campus experience.

Grace came on the Road Trip last year, and getting to know the people on campus helped her make the decision to attend MBU:

I was able to experience the environment of [a] Bible college, get to know students and faculty, and tour the campus. This helped me to feel comfortable here and made it easier to see that this is where God was leading me.

Experience Growth

The education you’ll receive at MBU is designed for growth through the pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to help you develop into a godly man or woman who can make an impact for Christ in whatever vocation He leads you to. On the Destination MBU Road Trip, you’ll get to see the quality academics and leadership training offered at MBU firsthand.

Experience Christian Worldview

If you want to advance truth in our fallen world, you must be prepared to Go, Serve, and Lead to the praise of God’s glory. By visiting classes and talking with students, faculty, and staff at MBU, you’ll be able to see that we seek to do everything through the lens of glorifying God.

Joe, a new student, says,

The Road Trip was what really made me want to go to Maranatha. Before I was on the edge about wanting to come here, but after seeing the like-minded student [body], the friendly staff, and the AMAZING FOOD, I could not wait to get to campus as a freshman. 

Don’t forget: 

  • November 10th-12th, 2022
  • $35
  • Pickup Locations: First Baptist Church of Troy, MI; Trinity Baptist Church of Flushing, MI; Westbound Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis of South Holland, IL
  • Sign-up Deadline: October 28th

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to reserve your spot on the Destination MBU Road Trip!