Come visit MBU!

Why You Should Visit Campus

Every year, students from all over the country visit the MBU campus to see it first-hand. Visiting your top colleges is an important part of your decision process, and we want to make that process easier. Alyssa Saunders recently visited MBU, and it solidified her decision to enroll this fall. Keep reading to hear about her experience. 

Alyssa’s Perspective

My name is Alyssa Saunders. I’m not a campus student at MBU yet, but at the end of October, I decided that was going to be me come August 2020. I was able to visit MBU  and the experience of seeing the campus in person solidified my decision to become a Sabercat.

Before my visit, Maranatha was in my top two colleges. I had been praying about it for a while and thought it was where God wanted me to go, but wanted more clarity. I also liked my second option, because it was close to home. But after spending time on campus, I knew MBU was the place for me.

A Place to Feel Welcomed

As soon as I stepped on campus, I was instantly welcomed. I remember being really nervous on my way to MBU but once I got there, I was calm. My time spent there changed my mind about never wanting to go away to college. Before experiencing MBU I was adamant that I would never go away to college, but God used my visit to change that.

While at MBU, I was hoping to experience dorm life, learn more about the English program and music programs, and just see if God wanted me there. I got my answers and learned so much more in the process.

A Visit on Campus

The first thing I did after arriving was tour the campus. The MBU campus is beautiful, but my favorite part was the library. It is a wonderful place to be and I love how MBU has provides a quiet space to study with a plethora of literary sources to aid in research.

As a visitor, I was also allowed to visit classes that interested me. I will be majoring in English, so I visited British Literature Survey. Visiting this class probably had the greatest impact on me during my time on campus. The class was engaging, and the professor portrayed his love for the subject to his students. In addition, the students were interactive and thoroughly enjoyed the class as well, and I knew I wanted to be in that type of learning environment. I was also able to visit Chambers Choir. I love singing and am involved in my church and school choir. Dr. Ledgerwood also invited me to sing along with the students, which was wonderful.

Finding My Path

In visiting these classes, I saw that the professors at MBU deeply care for their students. They also care about helping future students find the right path. I was able to talk to a staff member who understood the English degree and my interests and walk through my interests and plans. She helped me solidify my decision and know the next steps to take. MBU is eager to help prospective students understand the campus, the way classes work, and ways you can get ahead on college classes through the online programs.

New Place, New Peers

Finally, I loved the time I spent in the dorms. The girls in the dorms have a strong sense of community, and they were quick to make me feel included even though I was only visiting for an evening. During nightly devotions, I noticed how multiple rooms came together to share in studying God’s Word. I’m excited to participate in this spiritual emphasis when I get to campus in the Fall. MBU is inviting because the college students are kind. They made it a point to know what my interests were and make me feel accepted.

While at MBU, I felt like I belonged. I could see myself going to college there and everyone was so kind and welcoming. MBU changed my mind about going out of state to college. Experiencing MBU made me see what a great college it is and how they value the importance of knowing Christ more deeply.

 If you’re considering college, you should work hard to find a time to visit MBU. Even if you find Maranatha is not the place for you, you may walk away with new friendships and a strong desire to grow in Christ at a Christian college.