Crazy Chapel Recap | 2.25.2022

On Friday, February 25, the gym was packed once again for this semester’s iteration of Crazy Chapel. Each society put forth challengers to compete in five events, and the society with the most points in the end was crowned the winner. Points were attributed by the hundred – if a society came in first, they received 500 points. Second place received 400, third 300, fourth 200, and fifth 100. Here’s how everything played out: 

The first activity was titled Balloon Keep Away. Each society selected one member to enter the ring, and each competitor was provided with a balloon. Their objective was to keep their own balloon in the air while popping the others’ balloons or knocking them either to the ground or out of the ring. The girls’ societies went first; one member from each – Arctic Wolves, Diamondbacks, Pumas, Thunder, and Titans – entered the ring, and Thunder exited in the top spot with the Titans not far behind. The guys followed – Conquerors, Golden Eagles, Hurricanes, Phantoms, and Raptors – and the Golden Eagles took the win, narrowly beating out the Phantoms. 

Trash Can Tag Crazy Chapel

Trash Can Tag

Next was Trash Can Tag, a fan favorite. The five competitors grasped hands in a circle around a trash can – don’t worry, it was clean – and engaged in a five-way Tug-of-War battle in an effort to pull their opponents into the trash can between them. If anyone touched it, they were out and the circle decreased in size. For the girls, Thunder again pulled out the win, and Titans came in second. The guys took considerably longer to establish a winner, but, after an arduous struggle, the Raptors’ competitor hurled the Phantoms’ competitor into the trash can, effectively denting it and securing the win. (He was fine.) 

Following such a harrowing event came Football, to which each society submitted three members. One held a hula hoop, one waited on the other side of the gym, and the remaining member took charge of the football. At the start of the round, the thrower heaved the ball through the hula hoop and, if successful, took a step back and did so again. When they reached the last milestone, they turned around and threw the ball to their far-off teammate, who endeavored to catch it and run it in to the center before their foes. In a turn of events, the Titans snagged the win out from under Thunder, who took up the mantle of runner-up. For their male counterparts, the Golden Eagles and the Conquerors snatched up first and second place. 

Next was Soccer, which was perhaps the funniest event to spectate. Each competitor donned a Knockerball Bubble Suit – essentially a giant, cushioned, plastic orb with a hole in the middle for the contestant to slide into – and dribbled a soccer ball down the court, back to where they started, and down the court again, unsuccessfully avoiding those around them and aiming for the goal on their second trip. For the ladies, Thunder took back their lead, and the Titans settled into second once more. The Phantoms’ champion took first for his society and spent his free time launching his bubble-wrapped self into his opponents, but the Golden Eagles pulled into second place despite his antics. 

Big Ball Volleyball Crazy Chapel

Big Ball Volleyball

Lastly, the most intense competition of the day commenced: Big Ball Volleyball. Each society submitted a team of five, and all of the teams competed against each other in a massive roundabout game. Two societies began, and, when a point was scored, the loser moved to the back of the line while the next team raced onto the court in their place. After five minutes, the teams’ points were tabulated – 100 points for each team they removed – and added to their overall scores. In an interesting upset, the Titans volleyed their way to victory, and the Diamondbacks and the Arctic Wolves tied for second. In an even more interesting upset, the Raptors emerged victor for the guys, with a three-way tie for second between the Conquerors, the Golden Eagles, and the Hurricanes. This loss proved devastating for Thunder, and even more so for the Phantoms. 

The points were tabulated, and one victor emerged from among all ten societies. Thunder slid into third place, narrowly pushing the Conquerors off the podium, and the Golden Eagles flew into second. And, rising from the ashes of their early second-places, the Titans secured the victory as the champions of Crazy Chapel.