Students enjoy a chance for spiritual growth at opening meetings.

MBU Opening Meetings

I was not ready for the spring semester. Christmas break was long and glorious and peaceful, and I did not want to come back to Maranatha. At first, I was stubborn. Then I became fearful of following a new schedule, meeting new people, and continuing to develop relationships. In short, I was terrified of the unknown. Yes, God sustained me in the fall semester. Yes, the fear, hard work, and frustration helped me to grow. But learning and growing are hard, and I was done.

Meetings are an opportunity for spiritual growth. 

Yet I found myself back on campus. I grumblingly made up my mind to do the work I’d paid for and to trust God through it.

Then came chapel — specifically opening meetings with Ron DeGarde. Immediately my attitude was challenged with the theme “Behold the King.” On all fronts I was convicted about my mindset. I was particularly struck by the reminder that I am a conqueror through God’s work within me. Why was I so afraid when God Himself had empowered me to live victoriously?

I didn’t experience a rousing epiphany. God simply worked quietly and patiently in my heart, reminding me of His character, my weakness without Him, and His complete trustworthiness.

Meetings are a vital aspect of MBU life. 

Every semester at MBU begins with a series of opening meetings designed to set the spiritual tone on campus for the semester. Everything we do at Maranatha should be “To the Praise of His Glory,” so it is only fitting that we prioritize time to gather as a campus and worship Him through singing, praying, and the preaching of the Word.

Over the years, students, faculty, and staff have had the opportunity to hear evangelists from all over the country speak the truths of the Gospel, and through these meetings, many have made decisions of salvation and dedication to the Lord.

Meetings are a way to train leaders.

As we train to be effective servants of God, we cannot do that apart from the consistent instruction of the Word. That consistent instruction comes through daily chapels, Bible classes, and dorm devotions, but the semester’s evangelistic meetings do something more.

They give us an opportunity that is unconventional. Through the extra time of preaching and meditating on God’s Word we have the opportunity evaluate our lives, set goals for the semester, and revive our hearts for spiritual growth.

You can find the sermons from evangelist Ron Degarde here as well as daily chapel sermons from our faculty and guest speakers.