Student Body Chapel 10.14.22 | Sincerity in Our Relationships

October’s Student Body Chapel started off strong with a rousing verse of “A New Name in Glory”, followed by a word of prayer from Student Body President Dan Sample. After several rounds of a trivia game, in which each student had to reach Vice President Troy Jones first with the right answer won a prize, Vice President Esther Bishop took the floor with a few words of wisdom. She shared an anecdote from her freshman year of a time when she was struggling and her friend Michal Wagner performed a small act of kindness that brought their friendship to a whole new level. “You have an impact on everyone you come in contact with,” Esther stated, encouraging the student body to take their friendships seriously and to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others. 

Following Esther’s encouragement, Dan returned to the mic and called all of the society presidents to join him on the floor. In a game titled “Where’s Waldo?”, a picture of an on-campus student appeared on the screen, and the first president to find that person in the room and tag them received a point. For the final round, a picture of OSA Director Luke DeWald appeared on the screen, with his head photoshopped onto Waldo’s body. At the words “Where’s DeWaldo?”, the presidents quickly located him at the very back of the bleachers. Felipe Diaz reached him first, securing the win for the Hurricanes. Of course, after a pun like that, does anyone really win? 

After another song, Troy brought a challenge from James 5:20: “Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.” He shared his own experiences of friends that he’d grown up with stepping away from their faith or rejecting God entirely. In these circumstances, Troy explained, the Christian’s responsibility is to pursue their friend and share with them the love of Christ. His challenge was a solemn yet encouraging reminder that God has given His children the privilege of showing Christ to those around them, and that He’ll always equip them to do so. 

Esther returned to the floor with a final game, “Flag Tag.” Each society’s sports coordinators put on a flag football belt, and in two guys’ rounds and two girls’ rounds, the five coordinators attempted to grab each other’s flags before their own were stolen. The Conquerors and Phantoms took the wins in the two guys’ rounds. In the girls’ rounds, however, the Diamondbacks swept the competition and stole both wins after two hard-fought battles.  

Dan then brought some announcements, mentioning among other things the next session of Bridge, which will be a discussion of mental health from a Christian’s perspective with Mr. and Mrs. Flegal, and the newest episode of Meet Me in the Middle, in which the Student Body Council interviewed several of Old Main Café’s baristas. Both experiences are surely not ones to miss! After a final song, “Channels Only,” the student body was dismissed.