Students building a snowman

Top 5 Essentials Needed for a Wisconsin Winter

Sliding on patches of ice and tramping through the snow on your way to class can be an everyday occurrence if you attend a Wisconsin college during the winter. Whether you’re from a warm or chilly climate, make sure you have these five essentials on hand so that you can successfully and comfortably complete school during a cold winter season.

1. A Heavy Coat

Make sure to bring a heavy coat that will easily zip over your everyday school clothes. With a coat, you won’t notice that icy wind and frigid temperature…at least, not as much.

2. Gloves

Be sure to keep a pair of gloves in your coat pocket to protect your skin from extreme temperatures that tend to cause chapped hands. With gloves, you’ll be able to open doors and hold your phone without feeling that painful wind that would otherwise force you to stuff your hands in your pockets.

3. Lip Balm

Bring some lip balm. Just like your hands, your lips can be pretty viable to harsh winds and need to be protected with a good balm. Never underestimate the power of that little tube of lip balm that can easily fit into your pocket at any time.

4. Good Footwear

A good sock and shoe combination goes a long way. Although you may dismiss this essential as excessive for your trendy outfit, walking through snow and ice will surely change your mind.

5. A Hot Beverage

Always have a hot drink on hand so that you can sip down that much-needed caffeine while keeping yourself warm with steaming hot deliciousness. Having a coffee mug is key to conveniently keep your drink piping hot all day.

These five essentials are quite necessary to fully enjoy your college experience through a freezing Wisconsin winter. Even though you may slide on ice or tramp through the snow, the climate only adds to the wonderful memories you make as an MBU student. Make sure you stay warm and safe out there!