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CADM 111 – Introduction to Online Communications (3)

An overview of the basic concepts of communication and the skills necessary to communicate in various contexts. Emphasis is placed on communication theories and techniques used in interpersonal group, public, intercultural, and mass communication situations. Upon completion, students should be able to explain and illustrate the forms and purposes of human communication in a variety of contexts. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 131 – Elements of Photography (3)

An introductory study of photography with an emphasis on manual camera operation, composition, digital photography, and postproduction workflow with a brief survey on the history of photography. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 141 – Introduction to Design (3)

An introduction to the fundamentals of two-dimensional design. Students will learn basic design terminology and beginning-level Adobe Illustrator skills while completing weekly projects exploring the basic elements and principles of design. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 145 – Visual Communications (3)

A broad overview of the concepts and practices necessary for producing attractive and effective visual communications across a variety of traditional and new media formats. Students will gain practical knowledge in visual design and critical thinking skills that will help them recognize and skillfully use visual communication. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 210 – Principles of Video Production 1 (3)

An introduction to fundamentals of video production, including the techniques and aesthetics of storytelling, shooting, lighting, and editing. This course combines lectures and hands-on assignments covering film, video, and web-based digital media production. Upon course completion, students will have a theoretical and practical understanding of the video production process. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 211 – Principles of Video Production 2 (3)

A hands-on class using non-linear digital editing equipment. Students will work as a team to apply the aesthetics and science of video production, while focusing on the discipline required to conceive of and distribute a rigorous video project. Upon completion, students should be able to produce their own well-conceived video production for public exhibition. Prerequisite: CADM 210. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 231 – Digital Imaging (3)

A foundational course in Adobe Photoshop. Students will explore the ethics related to image use and manipulation and will learn how to input, manipulate, enhance, and output raster-and vector-based images in Photoshop. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 233 – Photojournalism (3)

A journalistic view of photographing events to tell a story through pictures. Also introduces digital photography in relation to print journalism, sports, and wedding photography. Lab fee. Prerequisites: CADM 131. (3 credit hours)

CADM 266 – Website Design 1 (3)

Provides a basic understanding of how to construct websites from the ground up. It will focus on CMS management with an emphasis on WordPress, file handling, marketing techniques, and basic design principles such as color and typography. Lab Fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 367 – Website Design 2 (3)

An in-depth study of website communication and development using HTML and CSS. Upon completion, students should be able to customize a WordPress CMS website. Prerequisites: CADM 266 or instructor’s permission. Lab Fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 324 – Desktop Publishing (3)

Practical training in how to use Adobe InDesign to attractively integrate text and graphics in professional-quality documents and properly output those documents for print or screen use. Along with InDesign skills, students learn basic page design and layout, image optimization, typography, and terminology. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

CADM 342 – Lighting and Portraits (3)

A practical course combining the lighting techniques for studio, natural, and off camera lighting for portraits, still life, and landscape while emphasizing posing and positioning. Lab fee. Prerequisites: CADM 131 and CADM 231. (3 credit hours)

CADM 352 – Advanced Camera Techniques (3)

A study in complex technical and practical techniques of photography in relation to camera formats, photographic techniques, and advanced image manipulation. Lab fee. Prerequisite: CADM 131 and CADM 231. (3 credit hours)

CADM 350 – Online Marketing (3)

An overview of marketing, promotion, and advertising online. In-depth work with leading online tools such as Google AdWords, Analytics, and Ad Planner. Prerequisites: CADM 266. (3 credit hours)

CADM 380 – Photography Internship (2)

A hands-on practicum of digital darkroom and studio management, assisting the instructor in the day-to-day operations of the photography department. Lab fee. Prerequisites: CADM 131 and two of the following courses: CADM 233, 342 or 352. (2 credit hours)

CADM 480 – Photography Production (2)

An advanced project combining the final aspects of print production, multimedia presentations, and digital photo enhancement, culminating with the student’s Senior Photography Exhibit. Prerequisites: To be taken during the student’s last semester. Lab fee. (2 credit hours)

CADM 481 – Communications Senior Capstone Prep (1)

An individually designed communication and media experience resulting in the production of a public presentation by the student in their chosen specialized track (digital media, speech, dramatic productions, photography). Students will gain experience in their area of study including time management, team building, aesthetic influence, portfolio development, and mediated and oral communication skills. Prerequisite: senior status within the Communications Arts major. Lab fee. (1 credit hour)

CADM 482 – Communications Senior Capstone Presentation (2)

A continuation of CADM 481. Lab fee. (2 credit hours)